[Closed] Summer Vacation Fly-In @ KFLL - 011400ZJUN16

Rejoice, people of the community, for summer is finally here. What better way to celebrate than with some fun and relaxation in the South Florida region?

Server: Advanced

Region: South Florida

Airport: KFLL

Time and Date: Wednesday, June 1st, 14:00Z

Aircraft: Dash 8

NOTAM: Start anywhere in the region in your favorite Dash 8 livery and fly to KFLL. I have attached a couple different flight plans:image
Remember, you don’t have to get there as quickly as possible, the purpose of this flight is for relaxing. After the flight, we will all meet at KFLL at approximately 1430Z for some screenshots. Hope to see you all there!

*P.S. We also need some ATC’s. If you would like to be ATC for this event, please PM me with your airport and your position. Thanks!


I’ll be flying to KFLL in real life in a couple weeks for a cruise. Thank goodness or summer!

I will try to attend this. I can possibly be ATC but I’m not completely sure yet as it’s still a week away.

Sadly my summer holidays start in July…

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I’ll be flying into FLL in real life in June.

Live by KFLL 1mi west of the airport.10R Final

That’s cool! My flight is June 19th. KPIT-KFLL

Sweet. My flight is on Wednesday the 15th.

Hey guys, it’s 3 days to the event and we still need some ATC’s. Anyone up for it?

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I am up for it my dude!

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PM with which airport and positions you would like.

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I’ll be ATC at FLL for a little bit.
@GHamsz Maybe you can control somewhere for this event? I know you’ll be lurking nearby at least lol.
@Furtive_masstwofourf If you’re not busy, maybe you can also control somewhere for this? Or tag with me at FLL?

@Tecnam2TA Sorry, Went to a friends to watch Sharks and Warriors… :)

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Ah yes. It’s fine. Have fun :)

12 hour countdown! Who’s coming?

2 hrs. to go!

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I’m at KRSW now, leaving for FLL in 10 minutes!

Guys, we had a grand attendance of…
2 people! 😂 (not counting @Tecnam2TA , by the way, thanks for the great ATC service man! 👍🏻)

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