(Closed) Summer Break @ EGLC - 011600ZJUL17

Server: Casual

Region: London

Airport: EGLC

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Summer is here, time to bring out the Dash 8’s for a holiday! Let’s relax and have a simple flight in your favorite Dash 8 livery. This event is based on a simple, relaxing flight after a long year. We’ll take of from London City and land at East Midlands airport. Below is a picture attached of thr flight plan -

Parking Gate 01: @anke_dreisbach
Parking Gate 02: @ftube
Parking Gate 03: @Trevor_A
Parking Gate 04: @Jet_Airways_995
Parking Gate 05: @CaptainFinnyboy_1234
Parking Gate 06: @Daniel_Hornby
Parking Gate 07: @Jacob_Dodd
Parking Gate 08: @Pandastic
Parking Gate 09: @Octoberr

More gates will be added if needed.

Don’t forget, this is a relaxation flight, and certainly, enjoy!


Hi Can i Get a gate i dont Know if i Can make cus we are preparing our vacation on monday arter this event It but ill try my best👍

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I will fly with the callsign: COOKIE Super

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Super is used to denote super-heavy aircraft, which currently consists of the a380. Heavy and super should only be used on the suitable aircraft, thanks!

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Oh Sorry but i like the super thing…

Sorry guys i cant come a Family thing has happened (a thing about hospital) 😢

I would like to participate in this event and it looks fun! My callsign is: NAXVA103

Thank you for joining, I’ve assigned you a gate!


Hey can I sign up for a gate please

I would like a gate please TB400

What day will this be on

@CaptainFinnyboy_1234 - This event will be on Saturday.
@Trevor_A - Thank you for joining, i’ve assigned you a gate.

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Can I have a gate please

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1 hour is left for the event, any last minute registrations are welcome.

Can I have parking gate 7? That is. My CS is F159 Heavy

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Your gate has been assigned :)

Sign me in! ;) @Jet_Airways_995


Gate 08 has been assigned for you.

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Thanks a bunch! Air Berlin dash 8 here I come!!

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I’ve filed the flight plan, you may copy it.