[CLOSED] Succeeding Ontario Airshow @ KONT - 052330ZJUL17

Server: Casual

Region: Sothern California

Airport: KONT (Ontario Intl)

Time: 2330Z
4:30 PM PST
6:30 PM CST
7:30 PM EST

NOTES: Ok, so I will be setting up another Air show on the 5th of July since the last one went so well. Same rules as the other one, only Airshow related planes, (C-130, 787 House colors, 747-8 house colors, A340 and A318 house colors, A-10, F-18, F-14, F-16, F-22, spitfires, super decathlon, and P-38) so we don’t have a giant A380 flying in and doing touch and goes at the air show. You don’t have to have the same plane throughout the whole Airshow because you can vary it but try to keep the same callsign that would fit all of them.

4-01: @Robert_Estrella
4-03: @iflightpilot_09
4-04 @fluffiestbiscuit
4-05 @Tommy_McMillen
4-06 @Rolene_van_der_Westh
4-07 @Livmap
4-08 Boeing747-8
4-09 @olaiodrei_Dreisbach
4-10 @Mhamed_Mido
4-11 @Thundxr
4-12 Cole_Collins
4-13 MODii
4-14 KingAwesome8484
3-01 Reese
3-02 Jacob_Dodd
3-03 LuisNazario
3-04 andrey2002
3-05 EJ1
3-07 Donovan_Rivera
3-08 Flyboy737
3-09 Sam_Dornan
more added if needed
I have run out of mentions in a post so I won’t mention people but I will add you!

Enjoy The Airshow and later if this one is popular again i will host a landing competition! I’ll be hosting it maybe next week!!!
Happy Landings!


Sign me up please (thank you )

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Is there video or photos of the last one?

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Yeah, they’re just on my ipad and not my computer

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Lol,please post them at your convince… Thanks


Well at your convenience, Lol ,Hate auto correct!

i will probably post them in about 30 minutes, if you want to join then i can sign you up!

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Would like just to see them… I am not in the mix!

I can make it sign me up.

Can I have a gate please

I’ll have a Gate please, looking forward to this!

Sing me up if you can

Sign me for a f22 (mn278md)please,if possible.

May I be signed up for the airshow.

I want to comeeee Sign me up Pls my callsign is DK1026

Sign me up too please

Count me in! I will be Navy 104 in an F-22 :)

Can I come in the f-22

Sign me up please (F16)

Could you sign me up as well please? I would love to be there.