{Closed} Starsco Air Launch Flight @ LFPG - 012030ZAPR16

Hey guys! I just created a new virtual airline called Starsco Air. You can check us out at www.starscoair.wix.com/flight! We are also in need of pilots so it would be awesome if we could have sone people check out the website. Anyway lets get to the event.

You can join us in the Paris region. Begin at LFPG (Charles De Gaulle), then we will be flying to LFOA (Avord).

Take picture and enjoy the flight.

4 full hours to enjoy this event.

An ADVANCED server event. All violations and rules are strictly enforced. Attendees are expected to obey ATC, general rules and event requirements.

Feel free to any time during the start and stop times.

•Friday April 1st

•Event Start Time - 20:30 ZULU (4:30PM EST)

•Event End Time - 24:30 ZULU Tuesday April 1st) (12:30PM EST Tuesday April 1st)

•Featured Region: Paris

•Aircraft - Boeing 747-400 Generic (All Starsco Air pilots can be seen flying white generic planes)

Share your event experiences and photos.

Happy flying


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Please leave this in #live:events, then it will show up in on the IF homescreen :)

Also if you keep doing it this may get deleted and the mods may be in touch…

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Sorry I accidentally edited it

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