[closed] Star Airways Events #1 Landing Competiton YT @ EGKK - 252000ZJUL16

Server: advanced

Region: London region

Airport: EGKK

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: all participants must have 1 go to land. Will be scored by me. Will go on my channel link later on in the comments. Please come in a plane in the b737 family in unmarked livery.

Thank you Josh owner of star airways

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We are letting the public decide the winner by letting them rate the Landings 1 by 1

No b738 :(

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ANY PLANE from the b737 family

Alright, 49% chance I might stop by…

Is this still on?

Yes this is tomorrow at 20:00z

Count me in, I might actually be able to make this one. Call sign will be Sunday1.

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Right tomorrow at 2000z we will have the first takeoffs please once you have had your go Park near my plane which will be an a380 ba

This is being run by me callsign SAVA1

Can’t attend. At my airport flying out

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All Landings will be used in the video

Remember any 737 at Gatwick

1h 48mins tell recording starts

1h tell the event let me know your callsign

I’m not very good but I’ll come. TJ1984

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Thanks man I need lots of people

Please pm me

30mins to go

The event is starting now