[Closed] St. Patrick's Day Flight To Boston In The JetBlue A321 | @ KMCO - 171500ZMAR18



Join VirtualBlue for a St. Patrick’s Day flight to Boston, as we celebrate the new JetBlue A321 livery being added to Infinite Flight! We will be departing Orlando to fly into Boston, which annually celebrates it’s Irish immigrant history with St. Patrick’s day celebrations and parade.

Server: Expert
Departing: Orlando International Airport (KMCO)
Arriving: Logan International Airport (KBOS)
Aircraft: Airbus A321 - JetBlue Prism Livery

Date: Saturday, March 17th 2018
Departure Time: 15:00 ZULU / 11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT
Estimated Flight Time: 2:35


At VirtualBlue, we pride ourselves on our commitment to flying as realistically as possible. As is standard for all our flights, we will be following a real world JetBlue flight plan used for their MCO to BOS flights. Our flight plan will also include the appropriate SID, STAR and ILS procedures. All flight details will be posted in the thread before the event.

Before you fly, we suggest you check out our VirtualBlue University tutorial on how to use SID, STAR & ILS charts.

linkicon VirtualBlue University: SIDs, STARs & ILS Training

Flight Plan: TBD
Flight Level: TBD


All gate assignments are for KMCO Airside 1.

VirtualBlue Pilots

Gate 1: @Raynaldo_Rivera - JetBlue 852
Gate 3: @cinga98 - JetBlue 652
Gate 4: @AviationOfGeorgia - JetBlue 552
Gate 5: @Johnelo86 - JetBlue 752
Gate 6: @Eighty - JetBlue 152
Gate 7: @ChiknNRice - JetBlue 352
Gate 8: @FBWFTW - JetBlue 252
Gate 9: @metro - JetBlue 452
Gate 10: @Transport_Hub - JetBlue 1452

Guest Pilots

Gate 20: @BigBert10 - JetBlue 952
Gate 22: @Georges180305 - JetBlue 1052
Gate 23: @7405896A - JetBlue 1152
Gate 24: @Connor_Burton - JetBlue 1252
Gate 25: @david_hartono_S - JetBlue 1352
Gate 26:
Gate 27:
Gate 28:

Gates will be made available on request. (See Below)


Yes! This event is open to the public, that can fly on the expert server. Just reply below and we will assign you a gate and a callsign.


Then you should fly with the IFVARB approved JetBlue virtual airline, VirtualBlue! We are currently accepting pilot applications. Learn more about joining VirtualBlue on our website linkicon virtualblue.xyz


I love the formatting of this thread, props to @Eighty for that!


@mattrich I like it very much too! @Eighty is a design wizard.


Ah! You should have done a flight to Dublin.

JBU0385 here, requesting a gate assignment for the event :)


JetBlue doesn’t do Dublin… so neither does virtualBlue… YET. Stay tuned

Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that.🤣

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Will you be taking a gate @mattrich?

Unfortunately I cannot attend :/

Also-please be advised the event MAY be modified depending on the iOS release of IF 18.1. We had been waiting for the release to do an event-then we decided not to wait any longer for the event and then bam-IF drops the update on us. Murphy’s law lol

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Next time! We’ll be having another one shortly after this.

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Sounds like some fun!

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Isn’t that how life always works? Anyways brilliant looking event. I’m happy for you guys :)

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Thanks. We’re just really happy to get another tail for the fleet and we wanted to do an A321 launch event but we didn’t want to wait that long so now it’ll be TWO events. Although I hope they tweaked the 321’s dynamics a bit.

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I look forward to seeing JBU A321s in the sim and I wish you best of luck in your second event (cough* because at this rate iOS is out of luck for today)


I don’t think so my man!
We just hit the infinite flight Lottery!
(Except now I’m going NUTS trying to find A321 v speed charts like we have for the A320 :-/


I’m currently in the F9 A321 out of Hong Kong testing it XD and I’m having to remember all a bout the A321. If you find those charts…shoot one in a DM to me lol.

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This event will now fly from Orlando to Boston, with the new JetBlue A321!

We previously planned to fly Atlanta to Boston in the A320. But minutes after we posted this event, FDS announced the big JetBlue 321 update. So after some consideration we have moved up our plans to host a 321 event.

Please note the date and departure time have not changed. We are still scheduled for a 15:00 ZULU/11:00 AM ET departure this Saturday, March 17th.

We hope to see you in Orlando! If you’d like to reserve a gate, let us know by replying below!


Is it changed to Training?

No this event will take place on the expert server as originally planned.