[CLOSED] St. Maarten - Princess Juliana Intl (TNCM) TS1

I’ve decided to open some ATC at TNCM. Come down and fly some patterns or just enjoy a nice scenic flight around the Caribbean. As always feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I was N132KS in the C208. Here’s your feedback:

  • Didn’t clear anyone for takeoff.
  • You left after 3 minutes.

Consider making sure you’re actually able to control before announcing when you start. People use their free time to help you learn. :)

Edit: He may have came back. Not really sure if it’s him or someone else.


I’m back open now, sorry about that my phone ran out of charge

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I’ll be there in 5 I’ll be a C208 N2DV

You closed after 5 Mins?

Iphone ran out of charge

Open now at Honolulu

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