[CLOSED] Sprint VA Recruitment @ KJFK 291800ZJUL17

Server: Expert

Region: New York

Airport: KJFK

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: *Follow the lead aircraft (Me). I will post here when to pushback. Cruise at 20,000 feet, 320kt cruising speed.

Here is the screenshot of our route:

Join Spirit VA for its recruitment event at 1800 Zulu this Saturday!

Unfortunately our CEO, @JayTasch126, will not be able to attend. This event will therefore be led by the Deputy President, myself.

Below is the gate and call signs:

Terminal 1 Gate 01, Spirit 1: @OJFam

Terminal 1 Gate 02, Sprint 10:

Terminal 1 Gate 03, Sprint 15:

Terminal 1 Gate 04, Sprint 13:

Terminal 1 Gate 05, Sprint 26:

Terminal 1 Gate 06, Sprint 32:

Terminal 1 Gate 07, Sprint 36:

Terminal 1 Gate 08, Sprint 45

Terminal 1 Gate 09, Sprint 126

Terminal 1 Gate 10, Sprint 150

Post your feedback below!

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If there’s an event for it, most definitely. Plus, you don’t always need to be in a VA or have one to make an event specified for a certain airline or aircraft :).


This is a Sprint VA. Fixed the title lol.


Canceled. Sorry folks.

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