[Closed] Sprint Air Recruitment Event @ KJFK - 281600ZAUG17

Server: TS1

Region: New York

Airport: KJFK

Time: 1600Z

Aircraft: 737 Series

NOTAM: We will be doing a circuit around New York and we will be making stops at Stewart (KSWF) and Trenton Mercer (KTTN). Apon joining the server you will copy the flight plan from SAVA126. At each airport we will stop for a few minutes and take photos and then continue. At KJFK if winds are in our favor we will do the canarse 13L/R approach otherwise if unable we will land using the active runway(s). For cruise altitude we will cruise at FL120 and for our speed we will cruise at 250-270 kts

Available Gates:

Terminal 1- Gate 1: SAVA126 - JayTasch126

Terminal 1- Gate 2: CaptainDavis242

Terminal 1- Gate 3: joshair

Terminal 1- Gate 4: MODii

Terminal 1- Gate 5: henbones348

Terminal 1- Gate 6: John_Garcia

Terminal 1- Gate 7: IFCN_Kevin

Terminal 1- Gate 8: Chris_Carca

Terminal 1- Gate 9: Ethan11

Terminal 1- Gate 10: CaptainKP

Terminal 1- Gate 11: FlyingIsLit

(If more gates are needed they will be added)

Event ATC

KJFK Ground:
KJFK Tower:
KJFK Approach:

KSWF Tower:

KTTN Tower:

(If you would like to control for the event contact me via PM)

If you would like to join the VA prior to or after the event you can go to the Join Us tab and fill out the pilot application. For all other information such as fleet and routes you can go to our website. If you have any further questions you can PM me. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see around the next big thing!


Hello Can i have terminal 1- Gate 2 please

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Yup all yours. What’s your call sign going to be?

Attention the date has been changed to August 28 instead of August 23

My call sign is captiandavis20th

Hello Can i have terminal 1- Gate 4please ،My call sign is MODii

Yup sure see you there

Can I have terminal 1 gate 5 please? Call sign: Delta1776

Ya its yours see you at the event

Can I have gate 7 please

All yours. See you at the event

Can I have a gate please and I will be flying a United Airline 737 900 with the call sign united 5418

I’ll be there. Can I have gate 8 please. I’m also confused about the time as in the app it says 17.00. Im United Kingdom

Can I have gate 9? CaptainKP

Hello can I please have a gate

Hey Chris you got gate 8 see there

Hey the event is at 1600Z. I gave you gate 9. Hope to see you there.

Hey I have you gate 10 see you soon.

You got gate 11 see you soon

Hey not a problem you will have gate 3