[CLOSED] Spring Break Celebration Alliance Event (Emirates, Etihad and KLM) @ KLAX - 071700ZAPR17

B777 with a KLM livery

Awesome see you there

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The day of this event is the day I get out of school for Spring Break! xD


If you want a challenge the try and fly the A380 on heavy load it is Do able but difficult

Our spring break finishes on Sunday

Just so you guys know the flight takes 1hr and 10min

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Can i have a gate for the B777W?

You got a gate. See you there

Can I get a gate please it does not matter which one

Also what day is the event

7th so that is this Friday

Would you like to book a spot

Yes please doesn’t matter which gate

Gate for me please, i come with KLM livery Boeing 777 … KLM45

Ok I got you guys a gate

Can I have a gate please I will be coming with the Emirates 777-200ER

Thank you

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Can I have a gate please I will be flying a 777

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Can I have a gate please - will be coming in a A380 livery.


I booked your gates guys

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get me a gate please

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