[CLOSED] Spring Break Celebration Alliance Event (Emirates, Etihad and KLM) @ KLAX - 071700ZAPR17

Server: Training

Region: South California

Airport: KLAX - KPSP - KNXP - KLGB

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Runways may be subject to change so copy ‘EK0001’ flight plan upon spawning. Also must wait for CEOs to takeoff before everyone else.
Altitude: 10000-15000
Speed: 250kts below 10000 and 340kts above
Descend and climb: 1500vs - 2000vs

As you all know spring break is about partying and celebrating; therefore to continue the tradition of spring break we at Emirates would like to celebrate our new partnership with KLM and Etihad VA. To make the final days of spring break last as long as possible; we will be flying a total of 330nm. The route selected is a mixture of 3 different routes from the three airlines. We hope that many of you join us in our big celebration with myself (Emirates CEO), @AVIONICS (KLM CEO) and @Cpt_Chris (Etihad CEO).

The flight plan is as follows above. Although, we will be doing only a TOUCH & GO at KPSP. Due to the small airport (KNXP), complexity and the busy server; runways can change so look out for EK0001 and copy the flight plan I make upon arrival/ spawning. We will takeoff from runway 24L at KLAX. and at KNXP (small airport) we will land on runway 28 and takeoff at runway 28.

Please come in either a KLM, Etihad or Emirates livery and use the planes:

  • Boeing 777

  • Airbus 380

The only rule is to behave as it is hard enough for our ATC to handle large amounts of people in a busy area. So have fun and see you in the skies.
A380 gates:
Terminal TBIT Gate 134 - DUDAIR
Terminal TBIT Gate 132 - RedarPhel
Terminal TBIT Gate 133 - @Jammie_James
Terminal TBIT Gate 131 - Etihad staff
T3 G34 - Apron 34 - Abhishek_Bhattachary
Terminal 3 Gate 35 - Geovanny_Octavio
Terminal 3 G33B - Apron 33B - Milen_Jacob
Terminal 3 Gate 33A - Jules_GNINKOUN
Boeing 777 gates:
Terminal 3 Gate 32 - Lamale99
Terminal 3 Gate 36 - geooctive
Terminal 3 Gate 37A - Brian_Mei
Terminal 3 Gate 37B - Adel_Toubeh
Terminal 3 Gate 38 - @Collin_Mihalovich
Terminal 3 Gate 39 - @nicoustic
Terminal 2 Gate 22A - @Narruto_Mieumieu
Terminal 2 Gate 22B - @Rovear
Terminal 2 Gate 24 - @Manuel_Macedo
Terminal 2 Gate 26 - @ProMustafaTK
Terminal 2 Gate 28 - Emirates CEO
Terminal 2 Gate 27 - @Cpt_Chris
Terminal 2 Gate 25 - @AVIONICS
Terminal 2 Gate 23 - KLM staff
Terminal 2 Gate 21B - KLM staff
Terminal 2 Gate 21A - KLM staff
Terminal 3 Gate 30 - KLM staff
Terminal 3 Gate 31A - Etihad staff
Terminal 3 Gate 31B - Etihad staff
First two people to sign up using the emirates livery for this event and attend get a free 1 hour flight time when signing up for Emirates VA
Etihad - no website


Can I have a gate please - will be coming in a A380 Emirates livery.

I be coming in 777 klm livery

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I thought Etihad was closed down for now lol. But great idea for an event and best of luck!


I will obviously be coming in with my Emirates A380, can i please have TBIT gate 131?

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I did too… 🤔 Anyways have fun!

Obviously not if their CEO is still working and making partnerships

Can I have a gate please. I’ll be in a KLM B77W

Can I have an A380 gate please.

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B777 with a KLM livery

Awesome see you there

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The day of this event is the day I get out of school for Spring Break! xD


If you want a challenge the try and fly the A380 on heavy load it is Do able but difficult

Our spring break finishes on Sunday

Just so you guys know the flight takes 1hr and 10min

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Can i have a gate for the B777W?

You got a gate. See you there

Can I get a gate please it does not matter which one

Also what day is the event

7th so that is this Friday