[CLOSED] Spring at the North of Mexico I Aeromexico Virtual @ MMMX - 162000ZMAR19


Monterrey is one of our main Hubs and focused cities, Monterrey serves as a commercial center of northern Mexico and is the base of many significant international corporations. This city is called "King Mounds", which refers to the city's topography and the large mountains that surround it.

Server: Expert
Date/Time: 2019-03-16T20:00:00Z
Flight Time: 1 hour 15 min
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 757-200
Livery: Aeromexico
Cruising Altitude: FL 380
Cruising Speed: M 0.78

Please spawn at the gate 15 minutes before the event starts.

Sky Team VA members are asked to provide their callsign when reserving a gate.

Please reserve a gate in the comments section.

Take photos and enjoy the event!!!

MMMX additional information

Departing Runways: 05L and 05R (heavies)
Landing Runway: 05R

Terminal 2 Building 1 (FULL!)
Gate Pilot
Gate 52 @marquise_carter
Gate 53 @danielsalome04
Gate 54 @Nathan_Buzali_Attie
Gate 55 @1ne5ive [AFKLM102]
Gate 56 @AFKLM179
Gate 57 @mario_aviation [AFKLM290]
Gate 58 @Axel_Sagenev [AMVA39]
Gate 59 @Reuban
Gate 60 @maty_nz
Gate 61 @Kevinguzmantv [AMVA29]
Gate 62 @Kevin_Jarvio [AMVA30]

Terminal 2 Building 2 (FULL!)
Gate Pilot
Gate 63 @Enrique_Fernandez [AMVACEO]
Gate 64 @Fernando_Carbajal [AMVACOO]
Gate 65 @Alexander_Torres1 [AMVA01]
Gate 66 @Roberto_Holland [AMVA20]
Gate 67 @Jesus_Farias_Ramirez [AMVA02]
Gate 68 @Captain_Adri [AMVA24]
Gate 69 @DIEGO11 [AMVA16]
Gate 70 @V1spotteer [AMVA25]
Gate 71 @Manuel_Salmun [AMVA23]
Gate 72 @Hans_Bied [AMVA08]
Gate 73 Alan AMVA35
Gate 74 @Valentin_Gomez

Terminal 2 Remote Platform
Gate Pilot
Gate 75 @tristan777[AFKLM011]
Gate 76 @Omar_DeWindt [AFKLM01]
Gate 77
Gate 78
Gate 79
Gate 80
Gate 81

Terminal 2 Aeromexico Connect

Remote Platform

Gate Pilot
Gate 82
Gate 83
Gate 84
Gate 85


Gate Pilot
Gate 87
Gate 88
Gate 89
Gate 90


We want to invite you to discover new horizons, in one of the most important airlines. Live your dream, in a professional team, where every day you’ll learn and become a virtual aviator, as well as one more member of this aviation family.

We give great importance to our events as we like to fly with all the pilots and give them great experiences with our amazing routes, We promise to produce spectacular events!

IFC: @aeromexicovirtual
Email: amvirtualairline@gmail.com
Website: https://amvirtualairline.wixsite.com/aeromexicova

Aeromexico Virtual I Official Thread

I want Gate 65, Sebastián Sánchez Lara, AMVA01


I would like to reserve a gate


@SebastianSanchezLara @Captain_Adri Now you have a Gate, Enjoy the flight!


I want Gate 67, Jesus Farias Ramirez AMVA02


What gates are available?


I will give you a gate :)


thank you I’ll wait


Hi can I join please and I take gate 71 my call sign is AMVA78 thanks


Hello @marquise_carter , the callsign AMVA is for pilots of Aeromexico Virtual and the Building 2 is reserved for AMVA pilots 😅, Can I give you Gate52?


Time Changed

Hello guys, we changed the hour from 1800Z to 2000Z, we hope to see you in all the Skyteam Events!


I want a gate please


@danielsalome04 Gate 53 is yours!


@Enrique_Fernandez gate 71 for me AMVA23


@Manuel_Salmun Gate 71 is yours!


Want gate 72!


Hello @Nathan_Buzali_Attie, the Building 2 is only for AMVA pilots, but I give you Gate 54 😉, enjoy the flight!


Yes thank you



last day before the event