[CLOSED] Spotting On Live @ TNCM - 021900ZSEP17

Server: Casual

Region: Carribean

Airport: TNCM St. Maartin

Time: 1900Z 12PM Pacific 3PM Eastern

NOTAM: Welcome to Planespotting in IF! We’re going to go to the most famous plane spotting areas in the world! This first event will be at St. Maartin on Saturday, September 2, 2017, at 12PM Pacific. We will have 4 spotters and the rest are going to be planes taking off and landing. Our spotters must show me a good picture they took at St. Maartin of them landing before being accepted (just so we dont have fake spotters who don’t even take pictures ;) and please upload them on this topic before editing. Pilots will takeoff and do a pattern before landing (and make it realistic) and spotters will take pics. Please vary aircraft and don’t takeoff and land like right after landing don’t line up to takeoff (will make more sense when global comes out) THIS SHOULD BE COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT ONLY

Gate A01: Boeing747-8
Gate A02
Gate A03
Gate A04
(Please spawn in C172 for space)
Gate B01: @Firefighter
Gate B02 @Chris_Carca
Gate B03 @JetBlue735
Gate B04 @Rolene_van_der_Westh
Gate B05 @YoutuberXL
Gate C01 @Balloonchaser (hopefully 🙏)
Gate C02 @Lgbtcm2017
more will be added if needed :)

Should I make this a wiki so if I don’t edit for a while a regular can add people???

Thanks for coming everybody Enjoy the pictures and a future event will be held soon after global comes out exactly like this, but it might not be hosted by me


can i be a spotter please
Edit- bad time. 3AM monday.

So are you not coming?

I would come if I had the Caribean region.

I would like to come, is it bad to have no 747-8?

I can’t come due to times.

No, it isn’t bad if you don’t have the 747-8. @Boeing747-8 likes the 747-8, so that’s why his name is Boeing747-8. Come to the event in any aircraft you like!


Ok, I added you
Anyone else?

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Can you limit the airlines to flights that actually go to TNCM??

Fedex (C208)
DHL (C208)
TUI Fly (B788)
Air France (B772, A340 (Unmarked)
KLM (B744, B777)
AmeriJet (B772F Unmarked)
Air Canada
Caribbean Air

Condor (Seasonal)
Air Tahiti Nui (used to have a weekly charter)
Azbanjan Air (used to have a week of charter service
Alitilia (Used to have service)

Idk if people will do that though, only have had one person sign up though

Can you come @Balloonchaser
I need an Advanced player to watch over everyone
Rescheduling to Saturday the 2nd

I will try to make it. Remind me the morning of.


I’ll send you a PM, make sure you’re on though, we know how Balloonchaser rolls 😜
Btw, pilot or spotter?


So I can fly in any aircraft that I have I can I be one of the people that takes off and lands

Yes, any aircraft at all, Im going to add you in, thanks!!!

Can I have gate B03 please

Roger that Captain!!!

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Can i join please!!!

Still dont know what im doing today but If I do attend…

Its going to be some route in some plane… :P

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Can i be a pilot please?