[Closed] (Sponsored by Plane and Pilot Events) Lake Tahoe GA Formation Flight @KRNO - 261800ZMAY19



Server: Expert Server

Cessna 172, Cessna 208 Caravan, Cirrus SR22, Daher TBM-930

Airport: KRNO - KTRK - KRNO
Spawn in: Sunday, May 26, 2019 5:45 PM
Propellor start up: Sunday, May 26, 2019 5:55 PM
Taxi: Sunday, May 26, 2019 6:00 PM
Projected Flight Time: Approximately 55 Minutes


  • Please maintain 3-5NM of spacing between the aircraft ahead of you
  • IFATC will be active at KRNO. All pilots must follow controllers instructions at all times!
  • Spawn in 10-15 minutes before the start of the event
  • Flight Plan will be provided. Please try to follow it to stick with group


Hello IFC,

I want to thank all the pilots that came out and attended my previous event.

It being my first event created, received a pretty fantastic turnout so thank you all! For my second event, I will be hosting a flight following departing out of Reno Tahoe Intl (KRNO). Pilots attending will depart from KRNO, following the flight plan provided, and head toward Truckee Tahoe (KTRK) to perform a touch and go. From KTRK, we will follow along the lake coast until we make our way back to Reno Tahoe Intl (KRNO). We will perform a landing and meet up for parking. Please provide desired gate location, callsign, as well the aircraft you will be flying. Please follow the flight provided. It is imperative that you try to follow it as closely as possible! The scenery is truly magnificent. Would love to fill up as many gates as possible for a truly great event! In addition, the event has just become sponsored by Plane and Pilot Events!


Event Parking

FBO Atlantic Aviation (Full)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign) (Aircraft)
Atlantic Aviation 01: @Cody_M C-GFFD Cirrus SR22
Atlantic Aviation 02: @ThomasThePro N1TTP Daher TBM-930
Atlantic Aviation 03: @art_martinez I F A E One Cessna 208 Caravan
Atlantic Aviation 04: @joshua_morrissette N454JM Daher TBM-930
Atlantic Aviation 05: @Brandon_Biaesch N931IF Daher TBM-930
Atlantic Aviation 06: @SwedishFlyer s-flyer Daher TBM-930
FBO Reno Jet Center (Available)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign) (Aircraft)
Reno Jet Center 01: @Piazza C-PIAZZA Cessna 208 Caravan
Reno Jet Center 02: @Kian_Abbasi D-TSDC Cirrus SR22
Reno Jet Center 03: @Captain_Adri EC-ADRI Daher TBM-930
Reno Jet Center 04: @anon82246052 Daher TBM-930
Reno Jet Center 05:
Reno Jet Center 06: @Prashant_Divedi PR-SHNT Cirrus SR22

Overflow Event Parking

Hangar (Full)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign) (Aircraft)
Hangar 01: @Operator N187OP Daher TBM-930
Hangar 02: @KC3DLL N776DL Daher TMB-930
Remote (Full)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign) (Aircraft)
Remote 01: @TheFlyingGuy1 37389T Daher TBM-930
Remote 02: @mkwiecek N-MW43 Daher-930
Remote 03: @NathanD N839FS Daher TMB-930
Remote 04A: @MDoor N5MD Daher TBM-930
Remote 04: @Chris_Wing HB-CHW Daher TBM-930
Nevada Air National Guard (Available)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign) (Aircraft)
Nevada Air National Guard 01: @Harry_Cook HC20 Daher TBM-930
Nevada Air National Guard 02:
Nevada Air National Guard 03: @GlobalFlyer1 A416MX/ TFC-027 Daher TBM-930
Nevada Air National Guard 04: @Nathen_Magana - Daher TBM-930
Nevada Air National Guard 05: @Miguel_Ortiz - Daher TBM-930
Nevada Air National Guard 06: @Doonies N492JG Daher TBM-930
Concourse B (Available)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign) (Aircraft)
Gate B01:
Gate B02: @United_1154 Cessna 172
Gate B03: @Captain_George_IF CG-004 Daher TBM-930
Gate B04: @Airbus_737 Airbus 737 Daher TBM-930
Gate B05:
Gate B06:
Gate B07:
Gate B08:
Gate B09:
Gate B10:
Gate B11:
Concourse C (Available)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign) (Aircraft)
Gate C01:
Gate C02:
Gate C03:
Gate C04:
Gate C05:
Gate C06:
Gate C07:
Gate C08: @Skybear N678LX Daher TMB-930
Gate C09:
Gate C10: @ImVegan - Daher TBM-930
Gate C11:
Gate C12: @sebi-ue IC119 Daher TBM-930
Cargo Gate (Available)
(Spot) (Pilot) (Callsign) (Aircraft)
Cargo Gate 01:
Cargo Gate 02:
Cargo Gate 03:
Cargo Gate 04:
Cargo Gate 05:
Cargo Gate 06:
Cargo Gate 07:
Cargo Gate 08:
Cargo Gate 09:
Cargo Gate 10:
Cargo Gate 11:
Cargo Gate 12:
Cargo Gate 13:
Cargo Gate 14:
Cargo Gate 14A:



Controlling KRNO

(Tower, Ground, Atis)

Flight Details:

Copy and paste flight plan below

Flight Plan

KRNO ZEFFR EPOSE MRLET DLANI LOWDG LINNN KNETH BWMEN KTRK MARDR CNBPS TRUCK FILUV WINUB TIPYO 3909N/12008W 3905N/12009W 3904N/12006W 3902N/12006W 3900N/12005W 3859N/12005W 3858N/12005W 3857N/12004W 3857N/12002W 3857N/11959W 3858N/11958W 3859N/11958W 3900N/11958W 3901N/11958W 3904N/11957W 3905N/11957W 3906N/11958W 3907N/11958W 3908N/11957W 3911N/11956W 3913N/11956W 3914N/11957W D060N 3914N/11959W 3913N/12000W 3913N/12001N 3914N/12002W 3915N/12004W TRUCK JUDPU OQIKO YETUD HOGBO KRNO

Phase 1: KRNO Departure

Assuming wind conditions allow, pilots will depart KRNO South from 16L or 16R utilizing Zeffr Six Departure.

  • Climb heading 164° to 4920’, direct to ZEFFR
  • Accelerate to 140Knots following flight plan climbing +800ft/m VS until 11500’ to MRLET
  • Once past 10000’ accelerate to 160Knots
  • Right turn at MRLET to DLANI for Visual Approach 28 at KTRK
Phase 2: KTRK Approach

Pilots will be flying Visual Approach 29 to KTRK for a touch and go

  • Speeds listed below are maximum allowed. Pilots will wants to start slowing aircraft down intercepting DLANI
  • Intercept DLANI at or above 11500’ <=170Knots
  • Intercept LODOG at or above 10000’ <170Knots
  • Intercept LINNN at or above 8800’ <170Knots
  • Intercept KNETH at or above 7800’ <160 Knots
  • Will make right turn at KNETH heading 022° to BWMEN at or above 6800’ <150Knots
  • At BWMEN pilots will head direct to runway 29 heading 282°

Phase 3: KTRK Departure

After performing touch and go pilots will be following Truck Four Departure.

  • Accelerate to 140Knots climbing +800ft/m VS
  • Intercept MARDR, climb right turn to 10500’ on heading 320° to TRUCK
  • Make right turn heading back towards KTRK intercepting FILUV
  • Intercept WINUB above KTRK at or above 10500’
  • Intercept TIPYO expecting left turn to follow along the lake
Phase 4: Around Lake Tahoe

I have created my own fixes using GPS coordinates to have pilots follow along the lake shore

  • From TIPYO head towards 3909N/12008W, increase speed to 150Knots, and descend to 9000’. 3909N/12008W brings pilots right over downtown Tahoe City
  • Descend 7500’ to intersect 3905N/12009W
  • Continue following flight plan around the lake
Phase 5: KRNO Approach

Pilots will be approaching RNAV 16L. We have active ATC, so always follow ATC instructions. You may be rerouted from flight plan or be re-positioned for 16R depending on inbound traffic.

  • Intercept TRUCK at 11500’ and contact KRNO Tower for landing
  • Intercept JUDPU at 10500’
  • Intercept OQIKO at 9000’
  • Intercept YETUD at 7800’
  • Intercept HOGBO at 6900’

Event flight plan is subject to change in case of wind conditions. Would love feedback on flight plan!

Runways and Maps:

Reno Tahoe Intl
(Runway) (Dimensions)
07/22 6,086’ x 151’
16L/34R 9,013’ x 151’
16R/34L 11,023’ x 151’

Truckee Tahoe
(Runway) (Dimensions)
10-28 6990’ x 100’
1-19 4653’ x 75’


Sponsored by Plane & Pilot Events

More Info

This event has received a sponsorship from Plane & Pilot Events and will be advertised on the Plane & Pilot Slack and receive P&P ATC if it is on the training server. if you have any questions about Plane & Pilot sponsorships, please contact @PlaneCrazy or @Peter_S.


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I’ll grab a spot please!!

I’ll try to come by, may I take a spot please?

Please provide desired gate location, callsign, as well the aircraft you will be flying @Kian_Abbasi and @Captain_Adri

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Hey sorry, could I get Reno 02, callsign of D-TSDC, and I’ll cirrus it :)

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I’ll take Reno 03, tbm for me, callsign EC-ADRI

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You’re all set @Kian_Abbasi and @Captain_Adri!


Any Reno center gate in a TBM

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Good to go @anon82246052

@Dom_Strange @Latvia Sorry I forgot to tag you two as wished. I have created the event. Would appreciate it if you could make it out. Should be a good flight!

@DaniCP I have added you to your gate

Thanks. See you there!

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@Prashant_Divedi You have been added to Reno Jet Center Gate 06

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I’ll try to make it! Put me down as a TBM 930 callsign IF17 and my desired parking location is Hangar 02. Looking forward to this!

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I’ll try to make it if I can in the TBM9. Callsign N678LX. Parking anywhere! (I’ll need to practice ATC on the training server some more…)

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Sign me up

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Great to see you again @joshua_morrissette . Glad to have you. Please provide desired gate location, callsign, as well the aircraft you will be flying.

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@N319CL You are signed up for gate Atlantic Aviation 05

@Cody_M See you then. You’re all signed up!

Okay @Piazza. Looks like I’ll be going to over flow parking (anywhere) and I’ll take the lovely TBM. Call sign N187OP.

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