[Closed][Sponsored by NonStop Virtual][34 attending] Frankfurt Flyout @EDDF 272000ZAPR19


I can’t sorry

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It’s april 26 at 1pm pst right


I don’t know what time zone your in but it’s April 27


I can still attend, just to just let you know. 😉👍

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I can still attend! Luckily it’s the day before my MPTO fkyout! Is the time still the same or has that changed to?


No it’s still the same time


I will be able to make it

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I should still be able, cant see anything in the way =)

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I should also be able to attend. :)


I could probably still be able to go. I will let you know if anything gets in the way


On my birthday!? This is perfect!!😆 However, due to this, I’ll let you know if I’ll still be able to attend or if a flight change will be needed.


I’m not sure I can attend because I will be going somewhere that day. Sorry


I’ll keep my gate for now. Will let you know if anything changes closer to the time.


No Sorry I can’t I am travelling on that day sorry



I am also going to be traveling, so what is the shortest route? Thanks!


Shortest route is probably gat V96

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I still have time to take part of the great event

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what time is it for me im from the netherlands??


It wills how you in the information

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I will be attending!!