[Closed][Sponsored by NonStop Virtual][34 attending] Frankfurt Flyout @EDDF 272000ZAPR19

Frankfurt Airport flyout


Event information

Server: Expert
Time: 2019-04-27T20:00:00Z
Airport: EDDF
▪I couldn’t fit all the routes into this event because there’s just a limited amount of gates
▪If you want a route that isn’t in this event please feel free to ask but it has to be a real life route
▪ Spawn in 10-15 minutes before the event starts
▪ Please respect Unicom if no ATC is available
▪ Respect all pilots and have fun

Airport information


Frankfurt Airport is a major airport located in Frankfurt Germany.It serves as the main hub for Lufthansa and Condor and a hub for Cargo airlines such as Lufthansa Cargo and it has 2 passenger terminals which serves up to 70 million passengers a year.


Terminal 1 (Concourse A)
Gate Airline Aircraft Route
A1 Lufthansa A320 EHAM @joshua_morrissette
A11 Lufthansa A320 EIDW @TheFlyingGuy1
A13 Lufthansa A320 EGLL @Patricio_Arnau
A14 Lufthansa A319 EDDM @Felipe_Schon1
A15 Luthansa A330 UAAA
A16 Lufthansa A320 EFHK
A17 Lufthansa A319 LFLL
A18 Lufthansa A320 EPGD
A19 Lufthansa A320 LEVC
A20 Lufthansa A330 KPHL @Matthew_20204
A21 Lufthansa A320 EGPF
A22 Lufthansa A330 KDFW
A23 Lufthansa 747-8 RJAA @Capt.SkyWalker
A24 Croatia Airlines A319 LDZA @Mike_Lima_Tango
A25 Lufthansa 747-8 VHHH @simopoint
A26 Lufthansa A320 LPPR
A28 Lufthansa A320 EGLL @anon58665202
A30 Lufthansa A319 EDDN
A36 Swiss A319 LSZH
A38 LOT 737-8 EPWA @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
A40 Austrian A321 LOWW
A50 Lufthansa A380 VIDP @Siddhansh
A52 Lufthansa 747-8 SBGR @anon56490189
A54 Lufthansa 747-8 KDEN @Luke_Sta
A58 Lufthansa A380 VTBS @Elliott
A62 Lufthansa 747-8 KBOS @NathanD
A66 Lufthansa 747-8 CYVR
A69 Lufthansa A340 FACT @HerrMrSir
Terminal 1 (Concourse B)
Gate Airline Aircraft Route
B10 Air Canada 787-9 CYYZ
B20 Middle Eastern Airlines A321 OLBA @AirSerene
B22 TAP A320 LPPT @Lufthansa2
B23 Tunisair A319 DTTA
B24 ANA 777-200ER RJTT
B25 Air China 747-8 ZBAA
B26 Air India 787-8 VABB @DhruvC
B27 South African Airways A330 FAOR @Springbok777
B28 Turkish Airlines A321 LTBA
B42 Etihad 787-9 OMAA @Abel_Kocsis
B43 Ethiopian 787-8 HAAB
B44 United 777-200ER KIAD @F-4Ace
B45 Lufthansa A380 KIAH @CPTWilliam
B46 Lufthansa A340 KMIA @A350iscool
B48 Lufthansa A330 KSEA @PilotDog
Terminal 1 (Concourse C)
Gate Airline Aircraft Route
C2 Alitalia A321 LIRF @AliAlex
C4 Easyjet A319 EDDT
C5 El Al 737-8 LLBG
C6 Asiana A380 RKSI
C8 TAM 777-300ER SBGR @TransportForLife
C11 Oman Air 787-8 OOMS
C13 Qatar Airways 787-8 OTHH @esant_15
C14 Thai A380 VTBS
C15 Singapore Airlines A380 WSSS @Edivan_dcds
C16 LATAM 787-9 SCEL @Logan_Lee
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Route
D1 Japan Airlines 787-9 RJAA @BennyBoy_Alpha
D4 Icelandair 757-200 BIKF
D5 Delta A330 KATL
D8 China Airlines 777-300ER RCTP
E2 Vietnam Airlines 787-9 VVNB
E5 Emirates 777-300ER OMDB @vangeti_nikhil
E6 Cathay Pacific 777-300ER VHHH @Captain_JR
E9 American 777-300ER KCLT @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
Remote Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Route
V92 Lufthansa A319 EDDV
V93 Lufthansa A320 EDDL
V94 Lufthansa A320 EDDH
V95 Lufthansa Cityline Crj 900 EDDG
V96 Lufthansa Cityline Crj 900 EDLP
V97 Lufthansa A319 EDDN
V106 British Aiways A320 EGLL
V107 Air France A320 LFPG
V108 Lufthansa A320 EVRA
V109 Finnair A321 EHFK
V110 Gulf Air A321 OBBI
V111 Lufthansa A319 EYVI
V112 Aeroflot 737-9 UUEE
V113 Iberia A321 LEMD
V114 KLM E190 EHAM
V115 Lufthansa A319 LIPE
V116 Lufthansa A320 LFMN
V117 Lufthansa A319 LDSP
V118 Lufthansa A319 LFSB
V119 Lufthansa A320 LIRF
V121 Lufthansa A319 EDDS
V123 Lufthansa A319 LATI
V125 Lufthansa A320 LGTS
V126 Lufthansa A320 EGCC
V128 Royal Air Maroc 737-8 GMMN
V130 Ukraine International 737-9 UKBB
V154 Air Canada A330 CYUL
V156 Lufthansa A330 DNMM
V159 Lufthansa A330 KDTW @Pingu
V161 United 787-10 KEWR
V163 Turkish A321 LTBA
V166 Lufthansa Cityline Crj 900 EPPO
V167 Lufthansa A319 ELLX
V168 Austrian Dash 8 Q400 LOWG
V169 Tunisair A319 DTTJ
V170 Lufthansa Cityline Crj 900 EDNY
H02 S7 Airlines A319 UNNT
H04 RyanAir 737-8 LIRP
H06 Ryanair 737-8 EGCC
H08 Ryanair 737-8 LEZL
H12 Ryanair 737-8 LGAV
G01 Wow Air A320 BIKF
G02 Saudis 787-9 OERK
G03 Wizzair A321 LHBP
G04 Wizzair A321 LBSF
G05 Tarom A318 LROP
G06 Ryanair 737-8 LIPH
G07 Ryanair 737-8 GCTS
G08 Croatia Airlines A319 LDSP
G09 Adria Airways Crj 700 LJLJ
G10 Adria Airways Crj 700 BKPR @Martijn_Decates
G11 Air Europa E195 LEMD
G12 Ryanair 737-8 LGKF
G13 Ryanair 737-8 EIDW
G14 Ryanair 737-8 LIBR
G15 Ryanair 737-8 LEMG
G16 Ryanair 737-8 EGSS
J02 Tuifly 737-8 GVAC
J04 Tuifly 737-8 GCLP
J08 Tuifly 737-8 GCFV
J10 Tuifly 737-8 LGKO
J12 Tuifly 737-8 LEIB
J13 Tuifly 737-8 HEGN
J15 Tuifly 737-8 GCRR @Sashaz55
J17 Tuifly 737-8 GVBA
Cargo gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Route
F211 Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F VIDP
F212 Lufthansa Cargo 777-200F VGHS
F213 Lufthans Cargo MD-11F ZSPD
F214 Lufthansa Cargo 777-200ER CYYZ
F215 Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F SKBO
F216 DHL 757-200 EDDP
F219 FedEx MD-11F KMEM
F220 China Cargo 777-200F ZSPD
F222 Qatar Cargo 777-200F OTHH
F225 Etihad Cargo A330F OMAA
F231 LAN Cargo 777-200F SBKP
F232 Emirates SkyCargo 777-200F MMMX
F233 Southernair 777-200F EGLL
F234 Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F KBOS
F235 Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F VOHS
F237 Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F HKJK
F238 Lufthansa Cargo 777-200F OIII
South S601 AirBridgeCargo 747-8 KDFW
South S602 AirBridgeCargo 747-8 EFHK
South S603 Koreanair Cargo 777-200F RKSI
South S604 Turkish Cargo A330F LTBA


▪ LATAM at gate C16 has a stopover in LEMD
▪ If you want a Condor route just request one and ill add it. I didn’t want to add it because we have no Condor Liveries

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If anything is incorrect in this event like the gate assignments please PM me

This event is sponsored by NonStop Virtual


Tuifly to GCRR please

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You’re in thanks for attending

May be you want to note down some runway usage.
Rwy 18 is for Starts only
07L/25R is for landing only and not for heavies
07C/25C is the main departure rwy for landing of heavies if 07R/25C is closed
07R/25L is primary for landing and for departure if Center is closed

Yeah thanks I usually tell everybody the runways we are using for the event

^ Please:)

I’ll sign you up thanks for attending

we have the Condor B767…I think

No I just checked again

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Can I please have gate V159?

May I have this gate, thank you :)

Oh yeah, just saying, its KPHL. :))))))))

Thanks that’s a mistake😁

Hey! I would like to take gate B22 please! Thanks!

A28 to EGLL please

Hi Instead of the Air India flight to VIDP could i have the flight to VABB as there is a flight to VABB from Frankfurt and back. AI 124/125

@Pingu @Lufthansa2 @Captain_JR you guys are signed up thanks for attending


Yes I’ll change that for you thanks for attending

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You’re signed up thanks for attending

If you want my gate just tell me and I’ll sign you up for it👍