(Closed) [Sponsored by Hawaiian Virtual] A Realistic Airport Event @ PHNL - 132000ZJAN18

Server: Expert

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 2000Z

Time Conversions:

  • HST: 10:00am on January 13th
  • PST: 12:00pm on January 13th
  • MST: 1:00pm on January 13th
  • CST: 2:00pm on January 13th
  • EST: 3:00pm on January 13th
  • GMT: 8:00pm on January 13th
  • AEST: 6:00am on January 14th

NOTAM: Everyone please remain professional in the event whether we have IFATC or not! If there is no IFATC please use the Unicom appropriately and be aware of your surroundings!

About: Welcome to Honolulu International Airport!! This is the main Hub for Hawaiian Virtual Airlines! If you’d like to read more please visit the site below.


Please include your callsign, aircraft, and route, according to what airline you fly, when requesting a gate! Refer to the site above for the available routes for the airline you choose.

All Nippon Airways

Gate 1C:
Gate 1B:

Air China

Gate 1A: @ZZBossGaming (B748) (Air China 219 Heavy) (PHNL - ZBAA)
Gate 2:

China Airlines

Gate 3:
Gate 4:

Japan Airlines

Gate 5: @Captain_JR (B772) (Japan Air 7 9 1) (PHNL - RJBB)
Gate 6:

Philippine Airlines

Gate 7:
Gate 8:


Gate 9: @Oli_H (B788) (Jetstar 38) (PHNL - YSSY)
Gate 10: @Rob_L89 (B788) (Jetstar 2689 Heavy) (PHNL - YMML)


Gate 11: @Xpira (B788) (Qantas 1) (PHNL - YMML)

Air New Zealand

Gate 12: @Alex_McLean (B789) (New Zealand 10) (PHLL - NZAA)
Gate 13:

Air Canada

Gate 14: @flyme2bluemoon (B789) (Air Canada 1830) (PHNL - CYVR)

Alaskan Airlines

Gate 15: @IFlyHigh_190 (B738) (Alaska 818) (PHNL - KSEA)
Gate 16: @BigBert10 **(B739) (Alaska 64) (KSJC - PHNL) | (Alaska 834) (PHNL - KPDX) | (Alaska 5213) (KPDX - KSEA)

Virgin America

Gate 17: @Infinite_Flight_Dude (A322) (Redwood 1060) (PHNL - KLAX)
Gate 18: @Krunchy_Toast (A322) (Redwood 293) (PHNL - KLAX)

American Airlines

Gate 19: @kylen15 (B772) (AAVA020) (PHNL - KDFW)
Gate 20: @CaptainJulioG (B789) (AA3165 Super) (PHNL - KLAX)

United Airlines

Gate 21: @Felix_Maroni (B763) (UVA-059) (PHNL - KLAX)
Gate 22: @Jackson_Kaiman (United 1039) (PHNL - KSFO)
Gate 23: @anon36571935 (A322) (UVA-002)
Gate 24: @William_Armstrong (B763) (UVA-005) (PHNL - PGUM)
Gate 25: @Jshnlsn (B789) (UVA-034) (PHNL - KIAH)

Hawaiian Airlines: International

Gate 26: @Brent_Adams (B763) (HVA0722) (PHNL - KLAX)
Gate 27: @Javian_J (B763) (PHNL - KLAX)
Gate 28: @Trio (B763) (HVA20) (PHNL - KLAX)
Gate 29: @Balloonchaser (B763) (HVA231) (PHNL - NTAA)
Gate 30: @JHearnden_Jgun47 (B763) (Hawaiian 106) (PHNL - KSFO)
Gate 31: @Lucas_Piedra (B763) (HVA1367) (PHNL - KJFK)
Gate 32: @Ryan_Vidad (B763) (HVA10) (PHNL - NTAA)
Gate 33: @Olivertheaviator_12 (B763) (HVA127) (PHNL - )
Gate 34: @Jmacd20 (763) (HVA144) (PHNL - NTAA)

Hawaiian Airlines: InterIsland

Gate 49: @AgusAeromexico (B712) (Hawaiian 551) (PHNL - PHOG)
Gate 50: @ItzEhs (B712) (Hawaiian 396) (PHNL - PHOG)
Gate 52: @Lgsfly (B712) (HVA317) (PHNL - PHOG)
Gate 53: B712
Gate 54: @Intelflight (B763) (HVA209) (PHNL - NTAA)
Gate 55: B712
Gate 56: B712
Gate 57: B712
Gate 58: B712
Gate 59: B712
Gate 60: B712
Gate 61: B712


Gate 62: @Captain_Brenneman (Citation X) (N770JD) (PHNL - KMSY)
Gate 63:
Gate 64:
Gate 65:
Gate 66:
Gate 67:
Gate 68:
More will be added if needed


UPS 1: @Zachiebm (A332F) (UPS 45 Heavy) (PHNL - KSDF)
UPS 2:
UPS 3:
UPS 4:
UPS 5:
Pacific Air:
FedEx 1: @jmwilliams17 (B77F) (FDX1342) (PHNL - KMEM)
FedEx 2:

Thanks to @Balloonchaser, COO of Hawaiian Virtual Airlines, for helping get this event up and going!


I will take one of the Air China gates and I’ll be in a B747-8! I’ll be flying from Honolulu to Beijing and my callsign will be Air China 219 Heavy! Thanks

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No problem! Thank you for joining!

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Please could I take gate 10.
Jet star 788
Callsign: Jetstar 2689 heavy

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Looks amazing! Hope it all goes very well for you and a very Merry Christmas!

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Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Can I get the Delta Gate 22, MD 11 to KATL

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American Airlines MD11
Callsign: AA373

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Less Than 2 Weeks Away

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Less Than 1 Week Away

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Can we make approaches into the airport or does it have to be departure?

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People are welcome to fly in! Just let me know what gate you’d like me to reserve. Make sure you’re familiar with the airport layout and gates so you know which one is yours. @Hubert_Nguyen

Put me down for Hawaiian airbus a330 PHNL to KLAX

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The A333 does not have an Hawaiian livery @Javian_J


Ok, is it to try and arrive by 2000Z (12:00 PST my time) or leave the starting airport by 2000Z?

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It would probably be better if you arrived around 2000Z because it might be over by the time you get there if you leave the starting airport at that time

Sorry I meant 767 actually

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Sure thing! Gate 27 is your’s

I need to know your callsign

Alright, thanks I’ll try to arrive by 2000Z, but I would most likely be there by 2100Z or 2200Z. Could you please reserve me Gate 16 please? Thanks!

Call sign: Alaska 64

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