[Closed!] {SPONSORED BY ETHIOPIAN VIRTUAL} || Vol. #4 || Jomo Kenyatta Fly-In! @ HKJK - 011730ZJUN19


Welcome to This Week’s Event!

Here’s a little info about Entebbe International Airport:

In this Weeks event, We’ll be going to Moshoeshoe Int’l Airport. Since we started these events, we paired with @anon70772274 to go to every country in the world! For those wishing to join us at all of our events, be sure to fill out this forum below:


Non ETVA Pilots: HUEN - HKJK


Note: ETVA Pilots will be departing at 1630Z (1 Hour Earlier) then the other pilots. Like this, we could meet at HKJK together.

Event Details:

Server: Expert

Airport: HKJK (fly-in)

Time: 1730Z (2019-06-01T17:30:00Z)

Aircraft/Livery: Ethiopian 787-8


Use ATC/Unicom Professionally and respectfully
Follow the route given
And most importantly:

Gates (HUEN)
Terminal Gate 04
Terminal Gate 05
Terminal Gate 06
Terminal Gate 07 @Harish_Kumar1
Terminal Gate 09 @Ironman_Ballets
Terminal Gate 11 @Infinite_Flight_Sims
Old Terminal Apron 01
Old Terminal Apron 03
Old Terminal Apron 04
Gates (HAAB)
T1 9
T1 10
T1 11
T1 12
T1 13
T1 14
T1 15
T1 16
T1 17
T1 18
T1 19
T1 20
T1 21
T1 22
T1 23
T1 24
T1 25
T1 26
T1 27
T1 28
T1 29
T1 30
T1 31
T1 32
T2 33
T2 34
T2 35
T2 36
T2 37
T2 38
T2 39
T2 40
T2 41
T2 42
T2 43
T2 44
T2 45
T2 46
T2 47
T2 48
T2 49
T2 50
T2 51
T2 52
T2 53
T2 1
T2 2
T2 3
T2 4
T2 5
T2 6
T2 7

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We give a HUGE Thank You to Ethiopian Virtual for Sponsoring this weeks event!

Ethiopian Virtual Official Thread

Join Ethiopian VA Here! Ethiopian VA Website

We Can’t Wait to See You There!


It’s greats to see events like this take place at such underrated airports on IF, I love it!

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Thank You!

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I’ll take a gate to Addis Ababa! Don’t know my callsign yet though, so I’ll decide it later!

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Terminal Gate 09 is your’s! Can’t wait to see you there!

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Can I have a gate to HKJK please.

Thank you

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This is a really cool idea!

I’ll grab a gate to HKJK! Will decide on my callsign closer to the event date. Thank you!

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I think Ethiopian Airlines Only flies to Addis ABBA from Entebbe…

Thank You! You’ll get Terminal Gate 07 :)

Ok. Don’t need the callsign right away ;)
Terminal Gate 06 is yours :)

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Because this is for my around the world journey, these are not based on real life routes. These are because I’m flying to every country.

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Thank you :)

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Event’s tomorrow!


Cannot join anymore! Sorry!

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I don’t think I will be able to make it. I’m having lunch with my family in about 30 minutes so I don’t think I can make it home in time :(

How long is the flight about?

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Around 25m. (ETE)

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Count me in!

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