[Closed] Spirit Virtual Recruitment @ KTPA - 192000ZMAR17


Server: Training Server 1

Region: South Florida

Airport: KTPA

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Hello everyone its LAHockey here new CEO of Spirit VA! This week we are recruiting the best of the best and want you to join us as we fly over south Florida! We will fly between KTPA and KMIA, should be a wonderful flight! We apologize for being so inactive as of late, but we want to comeback with this event! If you have any questions please PM me.

Here is what the flight looks like

Below here is the Flight plan:

A04: LAHockey
A05: @Cpt_Chris
A06: @Samflic
A07: @Brandon_K
A08: @RedarPhel
A09: @Andrew2002
A10: @Emarati_AD
A11: @Jules_GNINKOUN
A12: Captaink
A13: @IF_Aviation_Thomas
A14: @_VTTX
A15: @Ricardo-acosta
A16: Cuartito
A17: Tile_Rifted
A18: Kyle.r24

Our website:

(Not updated yet)

Join us!

Positions open:
COO: captaink
Website Designer: CaptJackson
Event planner: cpt_chris


Sign me up. Give me a gate, also i am the Event Planner

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Sure thing! I will mark you down as event planner too!

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I just wanted to make this event because everyone has been so inactive!

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Could I participate?

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Sure thing! See you there!


Not 100% I can make it but sign me up! Great to see Spirit Continuing!

Woo! Spirit is back in buisness!

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Will be there, could you please sign me up ?

Sure thing! Glad you can be there!

I like to join the event please.

Sign me up please, thanks.

I’d like to participate. Assign me a gate please

Sure thing! Excited to see you! :D

See you there, looking forward to attending it!

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Roger that! See you there!

Event is in one day people!

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I will be attending this event

Woo! Glad to see more people coming!

3 Gates left!! Who will be the lucky guy!