[CLOSED] Spirit VA takeoff & landing competition! @ KORD - 022000ZAPR17

Nice, count me in please.
I will be flying an A321 under DUDAIR.
I won’t use the APPR.

See you in the air, cheers.

Cheers! I am glad to be seeing you come!

What time zone is the starting time?

US time zones below

PST-1:00 PM MST-2:00 PM CST- 3:00 PM EST-4:00 PM

Fortunately, some events (that’s not the only one) allies fun and learning.
it seems like it will be fun
Nevertheless, it takes place on training server, it will therefore allow us to improve while having fun.
Good balance…

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I just want to make this clear that we are making a brand new Website! So the winner will be able to pick a screenshot to put on the new site! We should have it out soon!

Just a different topic: How do you actually create an event @LAHockey?

Well you have to be TL2 Trust level member. Then go to live events and boom! Create the event!

How do you get that?

Be really active on the community, create topics, reply to others topics.

For more information please refer down below:


What do you mean? Are you able to make it?

Yes, what I meant to say is that even though Zulu is based on Greenwich : because of BST, the UK are one hour ahead.
It means that for me, the event will start at 2100 local UK time.

As long as u can make it. The Event is at 2000 Zulu UTC time.

Also less than 30 minutes left people!! New Comers accepted!!

ATC is up!! Start spawning in! Stay at your gate though!!

10 minutes people! Lets start spawning in!

We need at least three people spawned in to start the competition!

@QR01 Please use Spirit Livery. Thanks

Event is being delayed by 5 minutes!