[Closed] Spirit VA expands to Charlotte @ KCAE - 112100ZFEB17

``Server: Training Server 1

Region: Charlotte, NC


Time: 2100Zulu

NOTAM: Hello spirit va are announcing to expand charlotte this will make new routes available and have more business for us we hope you enjoy the new choice made by our staff now let’s get onto the event we will have a flight in charlotte starting of at Columbia metropolitan then a short trip to mc entire angs then another one to Florence regional then a flight to Charlotte Douglas we can land on 36 left centre or right if that’s the way the wind goes or 18 left centre or right it all depends on the weather conditions but the flight plan directs us to 18c/36c but you can change it to land a flight plan and gates will be listed below. We do hope you enjoy our event and if you have the time join us. Thank you.

Website: http://spiritairline.weebly.com

Flight plan:

This is for 18 runways

This is for 36 runways and the backup plan for our flight.

Gate 01: @Captain_Brenneman
Gate 02: @Captaink
Gate 03: @LAHockey
Gate 04: @Greece
Gate 05: @MyFly_Airwyas
Gate 06: @SUNGLASS
Gate 07: @RTG113
Gate 08: @EJ1
Gate 09: @TheBigBadBag
Gate 10:
Gate 11:
Gate 12:


Looks really good…

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Sign me up! What day is it?

It is Saturday tomorrow. You can have gate 03

I would like to attend

Okay you can have gate 04

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Sign Me Up please! And what time is it if I live in Chicago?

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And witch flight plan will we be using?

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It depends on the weather. Also the time will be 1500 your time. You can have gate 05

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So will I just copy your flight plan

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What about pacific standard time?

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Yes you just copy my flight plan

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It is 1 pm your time

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Thanks, your really helpful

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Sign me up! Looks awesome!

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He is one of the best ;) I’m excited to see how Spirit VA handles.

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Thank you. @TheBigBadBag you can have gate 06

Event is in 1 hour and 32 minutes

I will probably join about 30 minuets prior just to go and set up. Maybe even take a few test flights. Is anyone doing that?

Doing the exact same thing too.