[CLOSED] SpeedPlayz' ATC Tracking Thread

SpeedPlayz’ ATC Tracking Thread

Next open: NaN

Airport: Frankfurt Am Main Airport [EDDF/FRA]
Time: 1600z
Region: Germany
Server: Training
Date: 21/02/2019

Why not open an airport which will help you learn? I would suggest opening any airport with parallel runways as it’s far more beneficial if that’s your goal :)


Actually, my goal is to improve my ATC skills, but I don’t really care about the runways. :)

In that case do as I said, one runway is pointless as you won’t learn the complex runway changes, clearing for the new runway etc keep it simple if you want to learn.

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Well, I didn’t put any airports on the list that have only one runway except for ESGG, but I doubt too many people will vote for that.

Voting Closed

Based on the votes, EDDF is the most voted airport with 50%.


Unfortunately I cannot control at this time.


Don’t forget to change your ATC Tracking Thread title to closed :)

In theory, it shouldn’t be set to [CLOSED] as it doesn’t clarify that I am open right now, and it tells people that I will be open soon.

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Sorry, I cancelled that tracking thread for a bit.

I will be open in 5 minutes at Frankfurt Airport EDDF.

Come join!

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Are you still open? If so, I’ll be by in 30 minutes

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