[CLOSED]Spectre Air Group Wants You! @ KNXP - 151700ZJUL17

Official Spectre Air Group Event

Hello and welcome to our first recruiting event for Spectre Air Group. We are happy to announce that we will welcome any new pilots that want to join our ranks with the top 2 pilots receiving a leadership opportunity in our organization. We would also like to introduce our state-of-the-art Virtual Air Manager(VAM), making sure that our Elite group of pilots has an Elite platform to:
-Log Flights
-Track VA points
-Past Flights Interactive Map
-And Much More!

While there are many VA’s out there, and most do great work, Spectre Air Group is here to make a mark. We are an Elite group of pilots who encourage realism and fun. Join our ranks today!

Our weekly routes, bonus points, and state of the art platforms will help you get the most out of your Infinite Flight experience.

Our competition will be fun and rewarding for all who attend.

Three tasks one Goal. Are you up to par?

First Leg:
Grade Required: 3+
Server : Casual
Region: KNXP
Aircraft: SR22 / Super D
Task: Properly taxi to the active Runway then proceeded to take off and enter into a pattern. The pilot then will complete three patterns, each including a new maneuver over the airfield. This will test the pilots ability to operate General Aviation Aircraft. Impress us with your best maneuvers, make sure you land after your third maneuver. You will be graded on take off and landing as well as the above mentioned pattern work and maneuvers. Be sure to use proper Unicom procedures.

Second Leg:
Grade Required: 3+
Server : Expert
Region: KNXP
Aircraft: E190 / B737-700 BBJ
Task: As a member of Spectre Air Group, you will be expected to be knowledgeable in more than one aircraft. You will also be expected to have the best customer service skills as Spectre Air Group flies all over the world. This task will focus on managing your time, your weight, and your resources given. We will assign you a route from KNXP to MMTJ or KLAX. You will be taking off just below MTOW and Landing below MLW. Don’t get any violations or crashes. Graded tasks will be proper taxiing, takeoff, filing FPL, following FPL, utilizing proper ATC procedures, landing and taxiing back to parking.

Third Leg:
Grade Required: 3+
Server : Expert
Region: KNXP
Aircraft: FA-18 Hornet
Task: This task will be utilizing the FA-18 fighter. As a member of Spectre Air Group, you may be called upon to perform a mission with one of Infinite Flight’s numerous fighter jets. You will taki to the active runway, takeoff, perform 3 patterns, as well as 3 different manuevers over the runway(there are maneuvers you can try without a violation and are realistic). You must be in complete control of your aircraft at all times, follow ATC procedures, get no violations or crashes. You will be geded on taxi procedures, takeoff, maneuvers, landing and overall handling of the aircraft.

Each event will be graded individually and then tallies up for a total point score for each contestant.

Gates for event:
A01: @sapper
More gates will be added as needed.

Interested in joining?Ask us how!
Or Visit


Just trying to clarify your first stage is in casual server and the other two are in expert is that correct or are they all supposed to be expert servers. Other than that this seems to be a great event and I’d like a gate please.

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The casual server so you can avoid penalties for aerobatics ;) will assign you one tight up @sapper

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Aw I see perfect then sounds good look forward to the event

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We are glad you are able to make it. It should be a fun event. Well, except for the fighter portion anyway. Fighter jets and I don’t get along. 😂


@Chris_Ridgell I know I have MANY shortcomings when it comes to handling the fighters!

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No one want to fly in this competition?

@Charles_Fosbroke I’m starting to think the event sound a difficult to some. But thats okay because we only want those who are looking for a challenge.

Excited to see your moves, @sapper. I’ll fly with You tomorrow as well


That is an absolute fact my friend. Quality over quantity in all regards. Like a wiser person than myself once said, “it’s better to have a little bit of something, than to have a whole lot of nothing.”

I’m looking forward to the series of events. It’s going to be a lot of fun! I’m going to have to dust of the Super D. 😁


Well we shall see if I have any moves lol I’ve done a few practice runs


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