(Closed) Spectacular mountain approach in KGUC now open - training server

KGUC in the Denver /Colorado region is one of the highest elevation airports in Infinite Flight, at 7700 feet.

The approach follows a path between two mountain ridges, over lakes and rivers.

At times, there are strong wind gusts and dense fog.

Approach procedure:

  • Only runway 06 approach for any aircraft larger than Cessna 208.

  • If winds are unfavorable, proceed with runway 06 approach anyway or divert to another airport. No runway 24 approaches.

  • Suggested approach procedure: fly to the VOR near the airport; enter right downwind runway 06 and descend to 9500 feet. Execute right 180 degree turn, maintaining 9500 until established. Remember that performance degrades at high altitude.

I will be there (on Playground server) for at least one hour after this post.


Squawk the QFE

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Hi I was Oli, great service. Nice calm and peaceful flight. I really did enjoy it. :)

You’ve tempted me to operate approach to there one day.


Thanks everyone, we had a good run at KGUC and KASE, almost two hours. Until someone named Michael Llamas (EDIT: not his fault) started controlling KASE tower and directing planes to take off from the wrong end of runway (it should be 15 for landing, 33 departures).

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Hi Anton I know the rules for KASE. The problem in playgroud is that people didn’t always follows your instructions. The only plane that took off from runway 15 was already departing when I start controlling. If you want more realism you have to become an advanced server ATC. Best regards Michael

Sorry for blaming you Michael. Oops.

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If you mean KASE, than thats incorrect as you are suppose to depart 33 due to the terrain :)

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