[Closed] Space Shuttle Transport @ KSAN - 221400ZJUN15

Server: ATC Playground
Map: Southern California
Departure Airport: KSAN
Arrival Airport: KLAX
Start Time: June 22nd at 10:00PM EDT (convert this time to your time zone at http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com)

I (J28B15 Super) will be transporting a NASA Space Shuttle from KSAN to KLAX. Fly fighter jets to escort the space shuttle to KLAX. We will head to the right of the map in order to have a long and straight approach to KLAX (This will also make the event last longer). Fighter jets may take off a nearby airport instead of KSAN. I’ll see you guys later!

The longer the flight, the more shakier becomes the aircraft.
I hate this “floating point”. That’s why I try to take-off and land within at least 17/18 minutes.
Sorry :/

The floating point bug is not based on time. It’s based on location in proximity to your original spawn point. If you takeoff at KLAX and fly around the region for an hour and land at KLAX again you won’t see this bug at all.

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The Shuttle Carrier is currently parked waiting to taxi in 12 minutes.

I cant come but I hope someone else does. :wink:

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@philippe I think this is one