[Closed] Southwest Virtual's Sprint to the Capital @ KDAL - 221900ZSEP18


Server: Expert Server [Global] V2

Departing: Dallas Love Field (KDAL)

Arriving: Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (KDCA)

Date: Saturday, September 22, 2018

Time: 1900Z (3:00 PM EST, 12:00 PM PST)

Aircraft: Southwest 737-700 or 737-800

Estimated Time En Route: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

NOTAM: Join Southwest Virtual as we travel from our home base in Dallas (KDAL), to the nation’s capital (KDCA). We will depart from Dallas using the LINDRE FOUR Departure, cruising Direct to Memphis and later the J42 Airway, and finally the TRUPS THREE Approach on arrival. This will be our first event since our relaunch. This is a perfect opportunity for all current pilots to get back into the swing of things, all new pilots to experience their first event, potential pilots to come see what Southwest Virtual is all about, and for the community to come and join us on a fun Saturday flight! Full details and communication will take place in the Group Chat. Please comment below for a gate assignment. We look forward to seeing you with us on Saturday!



(Official Event FPL. Please copy from an event leader before pushing back. FPL is subject to change. Flightplan generated by SimBrief.)



Main Terminal
GATE 01: @CaptJackson (SWA11)
GATE 02: @VAnuj (SWA226)
GATE 04: @Juanca (SWA216)
GATE 06: @Meteorology7 (SWA1549)
GATE 08: @Pilot_SK (SWA2003)
GATE 10: @Kevinsoto1502 (SWA129)
GATE 12: @Johnelo86 (SWA8)
GATE 14: @Patrick_Gallagher (SWA523)
GATE 16: @Smax
GATE 18: @Nolan_56 (SWA56)
GATE 20: @Shane_Rowan (SWA1764)

More gates will become available if needed. SWA callsign indicates Southwest Virtual member.

Southwest Virtual is a new kind of VA. One that cares about its pilots and its passengers. With an integrated Booking System, Southwest Virtual became the first VA to offer passenger services through our Booking Department. Of course, our pilots are our most powerful fuel. They are the heart of any VA, and that’s why the get only the best at SWV. With over 1,200 routes to choose from, several different Career and TopFlight levels to climb through the ranks, scheduled flights to fly actual virtual passengers, and much more, Southwest Virtual truly is the virtual airline for everyone, whether it be for those in the cabin, or those in the cockpit. Visit our Media to learn more.

Main Website
Booking Website
Main Thread

Thanks for stopping by, and signing up. Check us out by clicking the links above or by joining this event. We hope to see you in the skies with us this Saturday!


Oooh looks fun! Sign me up! SWA226

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Yes sir! Gate 2 is yours, welcome aboard.

I would like a gate please :) - SWA216

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Roger, Gate 4 is yours :)

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I would like to sign up.

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Gate ten please SWA129 :)

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Sign me up for gate 6 please

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I wont be able to go sorry

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@Pilot_SK @Kevinsoto1502 @Meteorology7 Gates assignments above, Welcome aboard!

That’s OK! Maybe we’ll catch you at our next event.

Yep hopefully i can go to the next one. This one is a little longer than i like but I have stuff going on that weekend or I’d be going to represent the va.

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Am i too late? Swa8 if i can id like a gate

Lol just saw this is next weekend, but sign me up please thank you swa8

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Yes, Gate 12 is yours!

I’ll take a gate SWA523! #southwestvirtualmember

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Roger @Patrick_Gallagher, Gate 14 is yours. See you there!

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I just realized that I am unable to make the event. I’m sorry! I was gate 08.

I would use a AirTran 737-700 but since I cant be there on the 22nd I wont.

I’d love a gate also!

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