[Closed] Southwest Virtual's Dash Around NY @ KEWR - 062000ZMAY17

Server: Training Server

Region: New York

Airport: Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR)

Date: Saturday, May 6, 2017

Time: 2000Z (4PM Eastern, 1PM Pacific)

Aircraft: Southwest 737-700 or 737-800

NOTAM: Join Southwest Virtual for our Dash Around NY in the New York region. We will take off from Newark (EWR) preform touch and goes at both LaGuardia (LGA) and Long Island/Islip (ISP) before making our way up to Stewart (SWF) for landing. Please maintain proper separation as always and follow all ATC instructions. A full NOTAM will be included in the Group Chat. We hope to see you flying with us in the Big Apple!


Copy from myself (SWA001) or @CaptCurt (SWA-33)

Gate Assignments
A G11: @CaptJackson
A G12: @CaptCurt
A G13: @L.A.Aviation
A G14: @Flying_Fishes1
A G15: @jlindsey524
A G16: @LuklearBomb
A G16A: @Juanca
A G17: @Mjv0309
A G18: @John_Ryan
A G20A: @Jake_Hiland
A G20B: American_Ranger
A G21: KoolKidRayJ
A G22: Edward_Velarde
A G23A: Tim_Arnold
A G23B: AviationFreak
A G24A: kamulinna1
A G24B: Blondietheking
A G25A: Raynaldo_Rivera
A G25B:
(More Gates Will Become Availbe of Needed)

Air Traffic Control
Air Traffic Control will be provided by Infinite Flight Training Server Air Traffic Control (IFTSATC) Ground and Tower at both Newark and Stewart will be open. Tower at LaGuardia and Long Island might be opened depending on controller availability.

KEWR GND: Cpt_Chris
KEWR TWR: Cpt_Chris

KLGA GND: Kyle.r24
KLGA TWR: Kyle.r24


KSWF GND: Thomas_Ralph
KSWF TWR: Thomas_Ralph
(Controller Information Will be Updated as It Becomes Available)

[details=About Southwest Virtual]
About Southwest Virtual
Southwest Virtual is a brand-new era of VAs. Serving not only our pilots, but virtual passengers as well. New features such as our Booking Department and Rapid Rewards Program make us an exciting choice for passengers. While our Global Project and 41 routes makes us a great choice for the virtual pilot. If you’d like to learn more about us, visit our thread or website!



The Infinte Flight Training Server Air Traffic Controllers (IFTSATC) aim to provide service in regions that are deserted in the Training Server. It allows controllers to gain some experience before moving up to IFATC and allows pilots to experience the Training Server like never before!
Infinite Flight Training Server ATC Recruiting



Looks like it’s going to be another great event! I’ll be there, G13 please.

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Pleasure to have you onboard, A13 is yours!

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I would love to have a gate @CaptJackson
A14 please

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I’d love gate A16 please

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Gate please sir, thank you 😎

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As said above, IFTSATC will be controlling at this event, please please please follow every single instruction any controller gives you, whether it is a 360 command, a go around, a speed command, an entry, or anything else. Our goal here is to have as much seperation as possible to have a nice organized event for this great VA. Thank you -IFTSATC Team


@CaptCurt you have A12
@Flying_Fishes1 A14 for you
@jlindsey524 bumped you up to A15 :)

Count me in, boss. Looking forward to it!


Great to hear, you’re at A16

Can I get a gate please? 👍


You sure can! Take Gate A16A

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A16, roger that. Thanks for setting this up!

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I should be able to be there! Excited about another event!


Take gate A17 @Mjv0309

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Yes Please. Can I take a gate


Of course you can! Take gate A18

I’ll take a gate please


I’m sorry I won’t be able to join in this event. 😔 Maybe next weekend you can do the Southern California or the Chicago region.

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@Jake_Hiland Take Gate A20A
@ExcelElevators_4U Maybe we will see you next time :)