[Closed] Southwest Virtual's Coastal Cruise (Round 2) @ KHST - 262000ZAUG17

Server: Training Server

Region: South Florida

Airport: Homestead Air Force Base (KHST)

Date: Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time: 2000Z (4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PST)

Aircraft: Southwest Boeing 737-700 (Heart Only)

NOTAM: Join us for the second part of our Coastal Cruise. (First Part located here. We know it was a long time ago, but we thought we’d do it again) Last time, we flew along Florida’s East Coast, so this time we chose to fly the western, Bay coast. We will take off from Homestead Air Force Base (KHST) located on the Southeast end of the peninsula state, climb to cruise altitude, enjoy the view, and then land at Tampa Int’l Airport (KTPA). This will be a low and slow event, so if you’re into high-speed fighter-jet flying, this may not be the event for you. As always, please maintain proper separation at all time during the event. This will be the first time SWATC will be providing services, so please follow ATC instructions and leave some feedback. A full NOTAM will be available in the Group Chat. We look forward to seeing you there!

(Official Event FPL. Please copy from an event leader before taking off.)

MIL A01 (Event Leader): @CaptJackson
MIL A02: @Andrewk65
MIL A03: @Meteorology7
MIL A04: @Kyle.r24
MIL A05: @CaptCurt
MIL A07: @CaptianDavis242
MIL A08: @7405896A
MIL A09: Matthew_Hromek
MIL A10: PocketAviation
MIL A11: Owen_Pampo
MIL A12: Pocketflyer25
MIL A13: Diagla365
MIL A14: Trevor_Austin
MIL A15: TJ_Moss
MIL A16: Vann_Weaver
MIL A17: Harris_Carvel
MIL A18: Jay757
MIL A19: Mjv0309

MIL B01:

Gate Cap: 24 Gates

(24 gates will be allocated if needed. If event reaches 24 gates, gate allocation will stop to ensure a coordianted event may take place.)

SWV-ATC Cropped
Southwest Virtual ATC (SWATC) will be providing services at the following airports. Please be sure you are tuned into the following frequencies and follow all instructions given by controllers. All positions will be filled by official SWATC members, ATC positions will not be allocated to non-SWATC members.

KHST_TWR (133.45): @mwe2187
KHST_GND (121.75): @mwe2187

KTPA_TWR (119.5): @Juanca
KTPA_GND (121.7): @Juanca

Southwest Virtual is a new kind of VA. One that cares deeply about its pilots and its passengers. With an integrated Booking System, Southwest Virtual became the first VA to offer passenger services through our Booking Department. Of course, our pilots are our most powerful fuel. They are the heart of any VA, and that’s why the get only the best at SWV. With 41 pre-global routes to choose from, several different Career and TopFlight levels to climb through the ranks, scheduled flights to fly actual virtual passsengers, and much more, Southwest Virtual truly is the virtual airline for everyone, whether it be for those in the cabin, or those in the cockpit. Visit our Media to learn more.

Main Website
Booking Website
Main Thread

Thanks for stopping by, and signing up. Check us out by clicking the links above or by joining this event. We hope to see you in the skies with us this Saturday!


May I join sir SWA588


I’ll be there @CaptJackson. Any gate!


Roger that, gates for both of you! @Andrewk65 and @Meteorology7 take A02 and A03. Welcome aboard!

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I’ll take a gate thanks

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Of course, A04 for you!

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Gate please sir, thank you kindly

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Roger that! Gate A05 for you!


I’ll be there! A gate, please.


Of course, A06 is for you!

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I’m sorry to bother and ask, but I’m confused in the date and time. Can you please help me out? On west coast time. Thx. If I can make it will live to come. I love southwest and if I like it, will definitely join because of Global coming out so soon.

1pm PST, pacific standard time. which is the west coast

Is it augast 17? It can’t be cause today’s the 20th

17 is the year, please read the pinned post in #live:events

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its august 26th 2017

it says that at the top if you would just read

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It says 26.zulu time Augast 27, I was confused no need for the attitude we are all one big faimly. :)

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Its just that this happens so many time in these kind of events

Im sorry as well. I should be nicer in these situations

Can I have A06 please