[CLOSED] Southwest Virtual Recruitment Event @ KMDW - 072300ZJAN17

Your wish is my command! B12 is yours.

Thanks and when is it?

Tomorrow at 2300Z

So 11:00 pm?

It depends on your time zone, here is a converter

Oh so it is 5:00 my time so yeah I can make it

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Great, see you there!

I can make it!

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Wonderful, You have Gate B14!

Add me please. I’ll be there.

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You have Gate B15!

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2 more parking slots!

The event will begin in 2 hours! Please spawn at your assigned gate 5-10 minutes before the event begins. You can copy the flight plan from one of our staff members. See you there!

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Turns out I can make it. Don’t have to get ready for the night out until 6:00 CST


Glad to here that, take gate B16!

@CaptJackson, can you reserve a gate for @Lydon_Taylor please

@Lydon_Taylor take B17

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Yes, he will take that gate

Can someone email me before start

@CaptJackson I’ll join the event if it’s not too late please.