[CLOSED] Southwest Virtual Recruitment Event @ KMDW - 072300ZJAN17

Server: Expert

Region: Chicago, IL

Airport: KMDW

Time: 2300Z

NOTAM: Join us in a Southwest 737. Depart KMDW fly to KMKE for some touch and goes in front of the recruitment team, and land back at KMDW. Cruise at 15,000 Feet at a speed of 300 Knots. Please comment below or PM me for a gate. We hope to see you there!

Flight Plan

Gate Assignments
B01: @Elliott_Jones
B02: @Ar_Valencia
B03: @FLaviation19
B05: @AggieAirlines
B07: @Captain_Rojas
B08: @CaptJackson
B09: @Fynn
B10: @AppleOneGT
B11: @Abhishek_Bhattachary
B12: @Stmaarten1778
B14: CS_Aus_TB20GT
B15: JeanMorban
B16: Codeman
B17: Lydon_Taylor

Website: http://virtualsouthwest.weebly.com


Reserve B05 for me please

B05 has been reserved!


ill be happy to fly and which 737 should i bring


You’ll be at gate B09, Any Southwest aircraft is fine!


Count me in please!


Of course! Take Gate B03

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Thank you!

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Really to be honest it really isn’t that hard

January 7? Saturday night? I’d love to attend but that’s date night with the wife.

Can i have B11

You know that KLM has an event planned for that day right? It’s best not to step on other’s shoesಠ‿↼

Add me to this event

Add me to this event

@Elliott_Jones and @Abhishek_Bhattachary, you have been added to the event. Maybe we will see you next time @Codeman

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Add me to the list

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You are at Gate B02!

Sign me up! I’ll take B10

Gate B10 has been reserved!

B12 please

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