[CLOSED] Southwest Virtual: Race to the Capital; VOL. 4 @ KSEA 091900ZFEB19



Event Description: Week 4

  • Join Southwest Virtual as we touch down in Chicago, popularly known as the “Windy City”. Home to over 2.7 million people, this city lies on the south-western side of Lake Michigan. Famed for its bold architecture, it has a skyline punctuated with skyscrapers such as the iconic 110-story Willis Tower.

  • Southwest Virtual would like to invite you to experience Race to the Capital, our signature event series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, spectacular airports, and challenging approaches across the USA, Mexico and The Caribbean. Be part of the journey every other week as we pick up where we last left off.

Departure: KSEA
Arrival: KMDW
Server: Expert Server
Region: North America
Start Information: 02/09/2019 @ 19:00Z
End Information: 02/09/2019 @ 22:50Z
Flight Time: 3 Hours and 50 Minutes

Air Frame: 737-700 - Any Southwest Livery
Distance: 1,599 NM
Block Fuel: 26,158 lbs / 11,865 kg

Cruise Altitude: FL370
Cruise Speed: M.78
Climb/Descent Profile: Pilot’s discretion




  • Spawn in at your assigned gate at least 15 minutes prior to pushback.
  • Maintain proper separation between aircraft during all stages of flight.
  • We will be using the A terminal upon our arrival at KMDW.

@CaptJackson Gate B01
@GlobalFlyer1 Gate B03
@joslleymiguel_holand Gate B04
@Devon_Mo_piedmont114 Gate B05
@zand3r Gate B06
@IanZ Gate B07
@Stevensair Gate B08
@Harun_Koyuncu Gate B09
@TomJohnson Gate B10
Gate B11
Gate B12
Gate B14
Gate B15
Gate A01
Gate A02
Gate A03
Gate A04
Gate A05

Gate Assignments will be added as they are requested.

SWA pilots joining our event will be able to log 1.5x the flight time!

Southwest Virtual is a new take on the original VA structure. We have two main divisions, one for pilots and passengers. We allow members of the community to book and “fly” with us while still providing an unparalleled experience to our pilots. With over 1,200 routes, and advanced and modern fleet, new crew center, active Slack channel, daily group flights, weekly events, and much more, SWV is the perfect place for a seasoned VA-veteran or first time VA pilot. Whether it be in the cockpit or the cabin, come join us and see what Southwest Virtual is all about!

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Southwest Virtual Event Etiquette


We Are Southwest. Heart Sets Us Apart. Aloha Hawaii.

I’ll take a gate. Thank you!


I will take a gate too! See you there


Gates assigned! :)


Gate for me please! See you there.


Your gate has been assigned! Glad you’ll be joining us :).


I will take a gate


Your gate has been assigned, welcome aboard!


Ill Take a gate


I’ll take a gate too, thanks.


I’ll take a gate :)


I will take a gate! Looks fun!


I will take a gate if open


I just wanted to say that while I don’t really have an interest in joining the event at this time, your formatting for this is absolutely beautiful. Excellent job team… wow <3


I would like a gate, as always!


Gates have been assigned :).


Thanks for the kind words @bechrisair!


Hey ! Can i have a gate please ?


Gate assigned, welcome aboard my friend :).


This is gonna be a fun one!