[Closed] Southwest Virtual: Race to the Capital | Vol. 1 - Los Angeles | KDAL- 081800ZDEC18


This event thread and graphics created and organized by Southwest Virtual Event Director @LouiePeach

Event Description: Week 1

  • Join us as we take off from Dallas Love Field bound for luscious Los Angeles, home to the worlds film and television industry.
  • Southwest Virtual would like to invite you to experience Race to the Capital, our signature event series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, spectacular airports, and challenging approaches across the USA, Mexico and The Caribbean. Be part of the journey every other week as we pick up where we last left off.

Event Details:

Dallas Love Field/KDAL to Los Angeles/KLAX
Server: Expert Server [EX]
Region: North America
Start Information: 12/08/2018 @ 18:00[z]
End Information: 12/08/2018 @ 21:30[z]
Flight Time: 3h00m

Flight Details:

Air Frame: 737-700 [Any Southwest livery]
Distance: 1246 [NM]
Block Fuel: 13883 [KG]
Departure Runway: 31L
Arrival Runway: 25R

Cruise Altitude: FL390 @ M0.82

Climb Profile:
2000 ft. /min @ 250 kts until FL110
2000 ft. /min @ 300 kts until FL280
1000 ft. /min @ M 0.84 until FL330

Descent Profile:
Begin Descent 160NM from Destination
-1800ft. /min @ M .80 until FL180
-1800ft. / min @ 310kts until FL110
-1800ft. / min @ 230 kts until FL040



  • Airspace at both the departing and arriving airports may become very busy due to the high volume of traffic; however we do ask that you follow ATC instructions at all times, failure to do so could result in consequences.
  • Only pushback once instructed to do so.
  • Ensure a safe distance between aircraft is kept on pushback, when taxiing, departing, at cruise and on descent.


Gate 01: @CaptJackson
Gate 02: @baseball_inferno
Gate 04: @Playr_Mar
Gate 06: @Plane-Train-TV (*)
Gate 08: @Starz_Flyz
Gate 10:
Gate 11:
Gate 12:
Gate 13:
Gate 14:
Gate 15:
Gate 16:
Gate 17:
Gate 18:
Gate 19:
Gate 20:

(*) Indicates SWV Slack Sign-Up

About Southwest Virtual

Southwest Virtual is a new take on the original VA structure. We have two main divisions, one for pilots and passengers. We allow members of the community to book and “fly” with us while still providing an unparalleled experience to our pilots. With over 1,200 routes, and advanced and modern fleet, new crew center, active Slack channel, daily group flights, weekly events, and much more, SWV is the perfect place for a seasoned VA-veteran or first time VA pilot. Whether it be in the cockpit or the cabin, come join us and see what Southwest Virtual is all about!

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Nice thread! Sorry I can’t attend due to something I have been invited to (not on IFC)!

Anyway, just a warning, KLAX on TS1 is often very very irritating and hectic due to lots of people who have no idea what they are doing and then messing around!


I will take Gate 02 on the EXPERT Server.


What do you mean Expert Server? It says Training…
I’m sorry definitely cannot attend this one. KLAX AND TS1=pulling ones hair out😉
I fly on the expert server. And I’d love to represent for Southwest Virtual. Hopefully the next one will be on Expert. See ya there! 👍🏿


No consequences on the TS1 my good sir.
??? 🤔


@CaptJackson SWA7182 will come


Sorry for the late reply, I talked with Events Director @LouiePeach and he agreed that TS1 and KLAX don’t mix well. As such, the event has been moved to the Expert Server. I have given everyone a gate that expressed interest in moving to Expert Server.


What’s the date of the event?


8th December (tomorrow) @ 1800Z


@CaptJackson due to it being on Expert, I am no longer attending.


Why hasn’t the event started yet??


Event Cancelled

This event has been cancelled for the following reasons:

  • Confusion about and subsequent server switch
  • Late post date
  • Limited number of participants

The Race to the Capital Event Series will continue with Vol. 2 to Las Vegas on 22 December 2018.