[Closed] Southwest Virtual Pop-Up Landing Competition @ KSFO - 142000ZMAY17

Server: Training Server

Region: San Francisco

Airport: San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)

Date: Sunday, May 14, 2017

Time: 2000Z (4PM Eastern, 1PM Pacific)

Aircraft: Southwest 737-700 (Heart/2014 Only)

NOTAM: Join Southwest Virtual for our Pop-Up Landing Competition in the San Francisco region. We’ll takeoff from Runway 28R (or the active runway) and will preform an extended pattern. You will get two tries, the first a touch-and-go, the second a landing. After your second landing, you will exit the runway and wait for the results! You will be graded on: Touchdown point (10/10), Centerline (10/10), Smoothness (10/10), and Overall Technique (10/10). We will be assigning callsigns so we know who is who, please be sure to fly with your assigned callsign. As always, maintain proper separation and follow all ATC Instructions. We look forward to seeing you at the event!


The flightplan may be altered to accommodate active runways and extra traffic. Copy from @CaptCurt (SWA-33)


Lead Judge: @CaptJackson
Judge 2: @L.A.Aviation
Judge 3:

Gate Assignments

Terminal A
A01 (Flight Leader): @CaptCurt (SWA101)
A02: @Puncakes (SWA102)
A04: @Juanca (SWA104)
A05: @mattrich (SWA105)
A06: @Kyle.r24 (SWA106)
A07: @jlindsey524 (SWA107)
A09: @Raynaldo_Rivera (SWA109)
A10: KoolKidRayJ (SWA110)
A11A: N1RG (SWA111)
A12: Maliq350 (SWA112)
A18: jashby (SWA113)
A19: IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler (SWA114)

Terminal B
B20: AdamTanA350 (SWA115)
B21: Binesh_Ashoken (SWA116)
B22: Danny_Shaw (SWA117)
B23: kamulina1 (SWA118)
B24: BBoat129 (SWA119)
B25: undornfle_gg (SWA120)
B26: Matt737 (SWA121)
B27: Rosyplays (SWA122)
B28: Red Seb (SWA123)
B29: Koolvelez1 (SWA124)
B30: Holden_Heinrich (SWA125)
B31: Massimo_Perrottaa (SWA126)
B32A: CannedAviation (SWA127)
B33A: American_Ranger (SWA128)
B35A: jyang2703 (SWA129)
(More Gates Will Become Availbe of Needed)

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control will be provided by Infinite Flight Training Server Air Traffic Control (IFTSATC) Ground and Tower at SFO will be open throughout the event.

KSFO TWR: Thomas_Ralph
KSFO APP: Cpt_Chris
(Controller Information Will be Updated as It Becomes Available)

[details=About Southwest Virtual]
About Southwest Virtual
Southwest Virtual is a brand-new era of VAs. Serving not only our pilots, but virtual passengers as well. New features such as our Booking Department and Rapid Rewards Program make us an exciting choice for passengers. While our Global Project and 41 routes makes us a great choice for the virtual pilot. If you’d like to learn more about us, visit our thread or website!



The Infinte Flight Training Server Air Traffic Controllers (IFTSATC) aim to provide service in regions that are deserted in the Training Server. It allows controllers to gain some experience before moving up to IFATC and allows pilots to experience the Training Server like never before!
Infinite Flight Training Server ATC Recruiting



I’ll be there! Gate A03 for me please.

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Roger that! A03 for you sir.

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Can I please have gate A07

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Get me any gate please

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You know it! Thanks in advance for the gate assignment.

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Interesting gate requests 😂

@jlindsey524 A07
@Puncakes A02
@Juanca A04

Pleasure to have all of you on board!

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I will most likely probably be able to attend so, I would gladly take Gate A05 if that works out!

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Roger that, Gate A05 for you!

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I’ll join, I hope I win my second landing competition 😏


No doubt you’ll be bringing your A-Game! Gate A06 for you.

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I will try to come SWA4165

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I would like to participate in this event. Count me in!

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@Raynaldo_Rivera Take A09

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May I have gate A10 please and thank you?

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Of course! Gate A10 for you.

Sign me up please. Thanks

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Please use to have you onboard, take A11A

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I’ll will definetly be there as a new Southwest virtual airlines pilot!!! Gate A12 please. Thank you.

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Id like a gate plz a12 already taken but if you add more ill take one

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