[CLOSED] Southwest Airlines Fly In @ KMDW - 032000ZNOV17

(Not linked to Southwest Virtual) Southwest Airlines is very famous in the Chicago Area. So to make thing a fun we will be flying from Chicago Midway to one of the Southwest Airlines destinations. Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl Airport. This fly In will be a great way to experience amazing scenery. This fly in will be also a great way to meet new people and get the community together! :)

Server: Expert

Region: Northen United States

Airport: KMDW-KMSP

Time: 2000Z (5pm EST 2pm PDT)

NOTAM: We will be using Gates B1-B26 in Terminal B/ MAINTAIN 10NM SEPARATION FOR IFR. PLEASE WAIT 3NM BEFORE TAKING OFF AFTER EACH AIRCRAFT! Time will be changed to 5pm for availability purposes :)

Flight details:

Aircraft: Boeing 737-700/800 Southwest Livery ONLY!

Altitude: Expect 1,500ft 1-2 minutes after departure. expect FL350 for cruise!

Speed: 200kt to 1,500ft thence 250 to 10,000ft then 280 to cruise and M0.80 cruise

Flight Plan: KMDW CICERO9 BAE BEERI EAU9 EAU HOGDO TECCI LOOON TRUPE ZESTY KMSP (Copy my flight plan which will be already made!!


B1: @Kevinsoto1502
B2: @Jy35542
B3: @Nate_Schneller
B4: @Jose_Oscana
B5: @Devaughn_Monroe35

Gates have been choosen and locked! No more gates open. Tune in for my next even!

Hope everyone is able to participate. Please enjoy this event as much as possible! :)


Wish I could but not grade 3 because of landings

I’ll take a gate, I don’t care which one.

roger you will be B02 :)@Jy35542

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I’ll take gate Bravo 3

roger capt. nate!! you aare set ;) @Nate_Schneller

I’m not trying be a perfectionist but you should capitalize the Z (Zulu) 😜

Lol roger, you should join btw :) @Marshall_Hilfman

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I’ll take a gate. :)

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Roger! Lets keep it coming :) :)

I’ll take gate b5 for the flight

Roger that you sure got it :)

I tested out your flight plan and it is all sorts of messed up ;)

ill figure it out dont worry ;)

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@Jy35542 Flight plan updated ;)

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Much better! Now it is in a 737 range!

Will there be ATC for this event?

I hope so! Im trying to get and contact as many people as I can to make it a smooth event for you guys! 🙂 If you know any ATC feel free to let them know! :)

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I would love to do this…but I don’t have enough landings! Next time though!

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Sure would like to have you next time! Ill be making more! :)

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