(Closed)South African Airways Virtual(SAAVA) presents Wellington to Queenstown NZWN 151800zFeb201

Server: Casual

Region: New Zealand

Airport: NZWN

Time: 1800Z

Airport: Wellington NZWN(around gate 25)
Pushback: 1800z or 2000sast
Altitude: FL200
VS: Takeoff at 2400// Decent at 1800
Speed: Takeoff 230// Cruise 280// Decent 220// Approach at your own discretion
Aircraft Type: Any E190 family, A320 family or 737 family

NOTAM: We will spawn around Gate 25(my gate) at 1750z(1950SAST).
Flight Plan:
Note that upon take off we will fly runway heading to the end of the ILS cone before joining the flight plan. Keep a minimum following distance of 3nm at takeoff, 5nm during climb, 10nm at cruise, 7nm during decent and 12nm on finally approach as aircraft might need time to backtaxi on the runway. We will follow the coast south and see some amazing scenery.
Christchurch is a major airport along the way and we will be doing a touch and go to test your skills and see who has the best and most stable approach and landing, no cheating(autoland) allowed. Do not stop on the runway but take of again and fly runway heading till the end of the ILS cone before rejoining the flight plan. The second part of the trip will take you above the mountains, keep an eye out for those peaks, lakes, greenery and some epic scenery. Remember to set your graphics to max setting to really enjoy the scenery.
If you are from a VA please use your VA callsign and comment for a gate. Set time to Noon once spawned.

This event promises to be a real treat to the eyes and the soul.
See you soon
SAAVA Events and Flight Manager

Gate 20:
GAte 21:
Gate 22:
Gate 23: @Owain_G
Gate 24: @Nidhish_Kataria
Gate 25: @Springbok777
Gate 26: @sparow
Gate 27: @RonnyMartin
Gate 28: @Ben_Gilmore
Gate 29: @Anshul28

More gates will be added as these gates are filled


Gate 26 for Springbok 06

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I will take gate 23, please.

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can i have a gate do you have to be part of the va

if you dont then i will have a gate

i want a gate pls
it sounds fun

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Hi. You dont have to be part of the VA. Its open to all VA’s to join and anyone who wants to fly.

Gate 24 for you @Nidhish_Kataria

ok i will have a gate

you havent added me on to the chart

Sorry about the delay.

no its fine how long is the flight 4hrs?

The flight will be a maximum of 90min

Please count me in ;) IFSFGCEO

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what is the cruise speed

an d it will be more as we need to slow down for touch and go

FL200…(20000ft)…other information in the description :)

ok soz thanks for telling me

You have been assigned a gate sir

Is it too late to join? Let me know. Thanks

Count me in! I will join as well!