{Closed} SoCal Region Training Server 1 is a mess!

Any Android or S5 users, I highly suggest staying away from SoCal region right now on TS1. Way too many flights and too much chaos. Training Server 2 is not that packed so try there if you are lagging badly.


it’s “training server”


Only reason I put this on here was because I was bumped down to Grade 2 after falling asleep during a flight, and receiving 5 speed violations. So I was stuck on Training server for 3 days. It was making me mad because everyone was just packing onto one server, when the other was super empty. This topic can be closed now.

Did you actually fall asleep while on the controls of an aircraft???

Yes the night the 787 got released for Android, I did about 7 flights. That took up the whole night. The last flight I did was KLAX-MMJT on Training Server, and while Cruising at 12,000ft, I fell asleep and woke up to a Crashed plane and 5 speed warnings lol. Very mad at myself. I am Grade 4, should have known better than to do that Flight.

Laughs so much that I feel bad for you, but I can relate to real world pilots falling asleep.

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