[Closed] SoCal PG Approach (KNFG KCRQ KOKB KRNM)


Approach near KSAN on PG available for one hour! Come join on and help me practice ATC!

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We want to see you practice tower and ground. Approach means nothing towards passing the tests for advanced ATC


For now, this is good enough. Another time.

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I will be there now, I am probably going to do some touch and go’s. Talk to you there. My callsign will be United 571.

I’m on for thirty more minutes!

Patterns stay with tower

Closed , not controlling anymore.

I was planning on going to some other airports like KCRQ to get some vectors and an approach for a touch and go there.

Good controlling, I almost felt like I was only the Advanced Server until I looked at the map and saw some people going at wild speeds.

I was controlling so fast at most points I didn’t even know what I was doing.

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