[Closed] SoCal High Flying + Landing Competition @ KLAX - 171300ZSEP16

I am coming

We may fly at FL220

Ok at the gate now Sorry for being late

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Are we still being judged on our landings? I just don’t see anyone at KSAN that could do so.

Unfortunately no

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TFS say hi 👋🏽 from the skies :)


You should’ve said something, I was willing to take on the judging role. :)

Im going quicker than you said to try and catch you up I’m 18nm away from the guy at the back. and i won’t get closer than 5nm

We need to space out. Go on a downwind leg if you need to.

I have loads of pics but these are the best

Thanks a lot for participating, despite the fact that things didn’t go 100% as planned. Looking forward to your screenshots.


Thanks for this it was fun


You’re now the number one option for judging a future event’s landings.

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@CptNathanHope Good landing location, although there was very little flare (caused mostly by the lack of 738’s ground effect)

@LachyRobertson Flared too early, causing you landed way beyond the aim spot. On the other hand, I appreciate that you made a 360 for spacing behind me while descending.


Yeah, I noticed that. I was trying to flare, but it was too late to make a good one. Thanks for the compliment. ;)

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A few observations:

  • Landing lights should be off by the time you reach the gate.

  • Spacing on take off is absolutly essential. We all noticed that many of you had to do a 360.

  • Overtaking in flight isn’t that good idea.

  • While following a SID, be aware of the recommended altitudes. For instance, you should be at or below 9,000 feet by the time you reach this point (The line is above the flight level).

  • Comply with the climb speeds.

Thank you! Really enjoyed the event mate.

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I did this. I noticed many others didn’t.

Maybe I should make a SIDS/STARS tutorial…;) If no one else has made one.

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How did you all decent during the approach to KSAN ?