[CLOSED] SoCal Flash Flight @ KSAN - 131700ZAUG18

SoCal Flash Flight

Join us on this short and enjoyable flight in the new CRJ-200!

Route: KSAN -> KLAX
Server: Expert
Time: 1700Z | August 13, 2018 5:00 PM
Aircraft: CRJ-200 American Eagle, Delta Connection, or United Express Livery


Cruise Altitude: 12000
Cruise Speed: 260KIAS
Flight Time: 25-35 minutes
Planned Departure Runway: 27
Planned Arrival Runways: 25L, 25R, 24L, 24R
3nm separation

Flight Plan

KSAN 3248N/11719W 3255N/11730W 3304N/11744W 3312N/11752W CWARD MADOW 3339N/11801W 3347N/11803W KLAX

Fuel & Payload

Fuel: 1300 kg OR 2866 lbs
Passengers: 3500 kg OR 7716 lbs
Cargo: 1200 kg OR 2646 lbs


KSAN gate assignments:
COMMUTER TERMINAL 01: @Reese (American Eagle, N-15SE)
COMMUTER TERMINAL 02: @TenMileJones (Infinite Flight)
COMMUTER TERMINAL 03: @2003iggy (American Eagle, IAV201CS)
COMMUTER TERMINAL 04: @Sebastian005 (American Eagle, N962RL)
COMMUTER TERMINAL 05: @IanD (United Express, BOE-ING)
COMMUTER TERMINAL 06: @Plnelovr (Delta Connection, TWC022)
COMMUTER TERMINAL 07: @Plane-Train-TV (Delta Connection, DLVA179)
COMMUTER TERMINAL 08: @airbavaria (Delta Connection, Endeavor 163)
COMMUTER TERMINAL 10: @Sebastian9915 (Delta Connection, DLVA243)

@MrMrMan (American Eagle, AAVA428)

For the sake of simplicity, we will all be parking at the same terminal (will be decided once we arrive)

When requesting a gate, please include the livery you intend to use. You may also provide your callsign if you wish.

Hope to see you there!

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Wish I could make it, but tomorrow is my first day of school.

No problem, tomorrow is kind of a cruddy day for an event (Monday, beginning of schools). Have a good first day of school!

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Thanks, I’m ready to dive head first into my third year of HS!

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I can do it. Gate 7 in a delta livery. DLVA179

Thanks for joining! Gate 7 is yours.

Sorry I can’t come. Would love to join. My flight is at 1740Z, and this event is 1800Z, so it doesn’t really work for me

No problem! Have a good flight!

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This is like a pre global throwback! So many people flew this route. I’m in. You mind if I fly the infinite flight livery?

Same here, luckily school doesn’t start yet for me

Thanks for joining! Commuter Gate 02 is yours.

Yeah it is kinda like pre-global. I also live in SD so I like doing events around here.

Maybe i join today, i will let you know. Greetings from Belgium :)

I might join too. I’ll let you know before 1700Z :)

Gate 3, American Eagle, IAV201CS. Thanks!

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Add me, gate 3, American Eagle. Callsign N962RL

Gate 4 sorry :) see it to late

I’ll take gate 3 in the United CRJ2, callsign BOE-ING

If it’s not to late I’ll take gate four in the Delta CRJ2, callsign TWC022

You got it! Gate 3 is yours. Thanks for joining!

@MrMrMan No problem! Let me know. Event is in a little under 2 hours.

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