[CLOSED] Snowy Switzerland @ LSZH - 272300ZJAN18

When? January 27/28 2017.
Timings for various countries:

Where? LSZH.

Server? Expert.

NOTAM: Please ensure to spawn in at least fifteen minutes before event start, and prep flightplan before the event. We will pushback at exactly 2300Z.

Join us for a gathering in Zurich, Switzerland. Immediately after departing from the airport, you’d be greeted by the snow capped mountains of the Swiss Alps. Pick any route from below (or request your own if you want) and you’re set.

Short Haul (0 - 3hrs)
  • LSZH-LSGG (0h50m)

  • LSZH-LIMC (0h55m)
    Aircraft: Swiss A319/21

  • LSZH-EGLL/KK/LC/WW (1hr45m)
    Aircraft: Swiss A321, BA A319/E190, Easyjet A319

  • LSZH-LPPT (2h50m)
    Aircraft: Swiss A321, Easyjet A319, TAP A320

  • LSZH-LTBA/LTFJ (2h55m)
    Aircraft: Turkish A321

Medium Haul (3 - 6hrs)
  • LSZH-GMMN (3h20m)
    Aircraft: Royal Air Maroc 737-800

  • LSZH-HECA (3h55m)
    Aircraft: Swiss A321

  • LSZH-LPMA (4h05m)
    Aircraft: Swiss A319/21

  • LSZH-OTHH (5h45m)
    Aircraft: Qatar 787-8

  • LSZH-OMAA (5h50m)
    Aircraft: Etihad 787-10 (in lieu of 789)

  • LSZH-OMDB (6h00m)
    Aircraft: Swiss A330-300, Emirates A380-800

Long Haul (6 - 10hrs
  • LSZH-VABB (8h15m)
    Aircraft: Swiss A330-300

  • LSZH-HKJK (7h45m)
    Aircraft: Swiss A330-300

  • LSZH-KJFK/EWR (9h20m)
    Aircraft: Swiss A330-300, Delta 767-300, United 767-300, American 767-300

  • LSZH-KIAD (9h45m)
    Aircraft: United 767-300

Ultra Long Haul (10hrs+)
  • LSZH-VTBS (10h45m)
    Aircraft: Thai 777-200 (in lieu of 77W), Swiss 777-300ER

  • LSZH-VHHH (11h35m)
    Aircraft: Swiss 777-300ER, Cathay 777-300ER

  • LSZH-RJAA (11h55m)
    Aircraft: Swiss 777-300ER

  • LSZH-KSFO (12h05m)
    Aircraft: Swiss 777-300ER

  • LSZH-KLAX (12h10m)
    Aircraft: Swiss 777-300ER

  • LSZH-WSSS (12h20m)
    Aircraft: Swiss 777-300ER, Singapore A380-800

When requesting a gate, please tell me your aircraft and route. I’ll assign the gates myself. Thanks!


E18: @Kyle.Plane (VHHX, Swiss MD11)
E19: @NationofAviation (KJFK, Swiss A333)
E62: @Ironman_Ballets (LTBA, Turkish A321)


Omg whoops 🤦🏻‍♂️ Sorry guys, posted this accidentally. Still not done yet, hold on.


Unfortunate it’s a bit late for me sorry… have fun anyway and take nice screenshots!

It looks like a nice event!

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Finally done. Sign up is open now.

Hey I will take the turkish A321 from LSZH-LTFJ/LTBA

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Also just to confirm this is on the weekend

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Yup, this is this Sunday. I’ll get your gate in a few minutes. Thanks for signing up!

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Looks Amazing. Please get me a gate!

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Sure! Which route and aircraft would you be flying?

LSZH-KJFK With a Swiss a330-300.Thanks! :)

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It’s not too late to sign up! The event it this Sunday (for Asia) and Saturday (for Europe and US).

I’m so sorry I can’t attend this, but oh my gosh! This is a 11/10 event post, I love it!

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I’ll be attending this event please put me on the list for this flight.

LSZH-LTBA (2h55m)
Aircraft: Turkish A321

Callsign: EKDB

This looks like a really awesome event! Really wish I could go but unfortunately I can’t

Wait am confused. 28th Jan at 2300Z is Sunday in Europe and Monday in Asia?

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🤦🏻‍♂️ I got confused with the dates. Sorry @NationofAviation, I’ve changed the date to a day earlier.

I’ll still be their 👍😉

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Nice event @Kyle.Plane

Can i request LSZH-VTBS With the Swiss 777

Just to confirm its 28th (Sunday UK) at 2300Z?

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Yeah, that’s correct. I’ll get you a gate soon.

EDIT: Sorry, my bad. It’s in approximately 10 hours, on Saturday 2300Z. @Swiss188

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Ooooooooh should be ok, go ahead and i will do my absolute best!

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