[Closed] Snow_Cone ATC Tracking Thread [Practicing to become IFATC]

I just passed my IFATC Exam, now I need to practice for the the second part of recruiting. I’ll always appreciate feedback if you can. :)

I’ll edit here and comment below to say where I’ll be at next

Right now I’ll be at KPDX as Ground & Tower, I’ll try to be on for half an hour or so unless something comes up. :) :)

By the way I’m sorry for any mistakes


Practice at a single runway airport Won’t help that Much i
recommend KSSC,KFLL,EDDL to practice at
Great job passing the Exam hope to see you soon here at IFATC :-)


Oh ok I better change that

I might be able to come in 30 mins if your still open :-)


I’m coming, you confirm PHKO?

No I changed to EDDL


On my way!

IFATC - Jack
Cessna 208

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Squauk 7700 - Front tire burst and fire on prior touch and go. Fire department is enroute. RUNWAY 23L (Situational awareness)


Oh oops I was tripping lol

Yeah at first I knew it meant emerg. but then I was confused what to do, nice idea to that though lol

Sorry for the confusion, I was just planning to do a sit in and listen. You took me a bit off guard with the state intentions so I took off.

Oh sorry didn’t know

It’s fine I was confused when somebody did it to me the first time as well! :)

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Hey! Nice Job! I was B-K1419. Sorry about my last landing! I was trying to find the ATC command to send for “Full Stop”


Nice Job! Thanks for switching me runways every time… Good Practice. Just one time you forgot to say, “enter right downwind, runway 23R” Thanks for the Service! Good Luck getting into IFATC… Just keep practicing! :)

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Thanks all for coming! :-)

Good job @Snow_Cone , you almost did everything right except two things:

Look at this picture, I announced the “Inbound for landing”, you instructed me to “enter right downwind Runway 23R”, perfect, then I requested a “Runway change” and you instructed me to “enter left downwind Runway 23L”. Then you “Cleared me for the option as Number 2, after option make left traffic” but I requested “Landing” not “Touch & Go”, also you forgot to give me a “Sequence” command, in that case: “Easy 7 9 0, number 2, traffic to follow is on final” or better “Easy 7 9 0, enter left downwind Runway 23L, number 2, traffic to follow is on final”.


Look at this one now, you did the same mistake, I announced “Going around” and then you “Cleared me for the option, after the option make right traffic”. It’s better to instruct saying (after the “roger, make right traffic Runway 23R”): “Easy 7 9 0, enter right downwind Runway 23R” and then “_Easy 7 9 0, number 1, Runway 23R cleared to land_”.

These are common mistakes but fortunately they are easy to solve, next time pay more attention on: Sequencing and Landing or Touch & Go.

Remember: Sequence --> Clereance
Note: if there is one aircraft in the pattern you can clear him without a sequence.

I confess that sometimes I make these mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, but you can practice and practice to avoid them.

In the end, again, good job, you are on the right way, hope to see you in the IFATC Group.
Hope you appreciated my help! See you in the skies of IF! Bye!

~ IFAE Mattia Bordoni


Yeah I may have mistaken you with another aircraft or just rushed a bit, thanks for the feedback I will try to fix those mistakes :)

I’ve been busy since I left your recent session, and just managed to get a little time to write this, but I will drop some feedback in a bit.

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I’ll try commenting as well as editing my post above to say where I’m at currently

Right now I’ll be at KFLL as Ground & Tower

Edit: Had to leave early cause I had to do something thanks to all who came :-)

Im back at KFLL as ground and tower, ill be on for half an hour or more :)

Edit: Ive wifi issues will be on shortly

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