[Closed] Small Prop Race @ KOBE - 162130ZMAR16

Server: Free Flight

Region: South Florida

Airport: KOBE (Okeechobee Co.)

Date: Wednesday 16th March 2016

Time: 21:30Z

Welcome to the Prop Race event! Choose any small propeller aircraft and race other players at low, fast altitudes to see who can reach the destination airport first. Please see the details below so we can al enjoy the event in an organised manner! :)

  • Spawn at KOBE (Okeechobee Co.) at 21:30Z
  • Taxi to and line up and wait on Runway 23 - Do not announce anything on unicom to avoid confusion
  • Wait on Runway 23 until 21:35Z to allow all racers to line up and wait
  • ‘CS129’ (myself) will then announce takeoff, which is your command for GO!
  • Fly over the edge of the lake directly to 80FD (Brady Ranch) and fly a visual approach for Runway 14
  • The first one to land wins!

Aircraft Options: Cessna 172, Cessna 208, Cirrus SR22, P-38, Spitfire, Super Decathlon

Try to stay under 2000ft AGL so we are in a tighter and more competitive airspace for a low-level race. Please don’t cheat or spam the unicom frequencies, just leave them silent, and please only use one of the aircrafts named above. May the best pilot Win!



I realy want to come but for me it’s to late and i don’t hsve the florida region.

@Joost3008 Oh sorry to hear that :(

I created this event in a less used region and smaller airports to try and get people to understand that the smaller airports in Infinite flight are just as good as the large bravo’s. Most players will only use the 2 main airports in a region and that’s it

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I can buy the region but i dont do that becous the time is not good for me

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10 hours until the race!

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I’m sorry, i’m still not possible to come
When the event is its for me 22:30 so thats a little bit late

Sorry about that, rather than change this one I will make another one in the future at a different time and in a different region :)

Wow sounds fun, wish I could join. Its too late for me. :(

It’s never too late for you Dush because you don’t sleep

This event is too late actually, I don’t stay up till 3 am…

Ah well maybe next time I could organise one at a more suitable time

I might show up. Sounds fun :)

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@CJ12… Is speed limited to 250k?

No, the speed limit is as fast as you can get! Free flight server means we should get no violations

Noted. Thanks, Max


Max Sez: Knew I should have used the Spit! Well done the few! Let’s do it again sometime with an all Spitfire go for ACM. Red Men are Dead Men and must retire from the fight last man standing wins!

(Over the Salton Sea SE of Palm Spring is a fine Military Restricted Zone.
100AGL hard Deck)

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Oh well this is embarrasing. The event is supposed to be in half an hour, and I got the time conversions wrongs so I’m guessing EST thought it was half an hour ago :/

@Maxmustang glad you enjoyed if you were there, I got the conversions mixed up and the event was meant to be in another 20 mins time

Just to clarify- I will be doing the prop race at 2130Z as planned. Apologies for the incorrect US time zone conversions. If you went an hour early then feel free to come again

10 mins to go for the second attempt

That was fun! I was N5LC in the spitfire

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