[Closed] Small London Heathrow event @ EGLL - 020300ZDEC18

As this is my first time ever leading an event, please spare me for any inaccuracies!

Server: Expert

Departing Airport: EGLL Terminal 5

Arriving Airport: KSJC Terminal B

December 2, 2018 3:00 AMDecember 2, 2018 2:00 PM


We are flying on Expert, please observe all rules and regulations on the server. I will not be responsible for any violations incurred on your end.

As this is a small event, only a few gates will be available. Scroll down to see the list of gates available.

Why this event?

Nothing really, I just want people to fly with me. I feel lonely to fly alone. Anyway, I chose this route as it’s the BAVA featured route of the day! If you’re not from BAVA but haven’t flown to KSJC, now it’s your chance. If you’re from BAVA and have flown to KSJC, fly for the sake of getting 11 hours of flight time.


C58 (Remote):
C61 (Remote):
C62: @Albatross_Prince
C63: @cbrooks531
C64: @Cavan
C66: @Clocktapus
C67: @Swiftlings_17

Flight parameters

Aircraft: B787-9 (British Airways livery)

Fuel: 12 hours 00 minutes

Passengers: 229

Cargo: 6286kg each

(To save time, just select heavy and leave everything as it is)

Flight plan:

As we would be having the same weight, below are some useful tips:

Trim: 15%

N1: 94%

Vr: 160 kts

0ft - 5000ft MSL: 2500fpm

De-rate and allow airspeed to slowly increase to 250 kts.

Once above FL100, allow airspeed to slowly increase to 300 kts and hold it there.

5000ft - FL200: 1500fpm

When nearing FL270, ensure airspeed is 318 kts (equivalent to M 0.85)

200 - FL340: 1200fpm

Step-climb as and when necessary.

If I have missed out anything, feel free to leave a comment. I don’t wish to take pictures at the end of the flight. I just need people to fly with me.


@BigBert10 is there a chance you will join?




I knew everyone’s going to call on @BigBert10 since it’s his home airport…


I would attend but have work commitments. Maybe consider though joining a VA. Grat way to fly with others. I fly with AFKLM.

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I’m not going to join because it would be too early when landing

Also, I don’t want to do EGLL to KSJC as an overnight flight because it takes off from EGLL in the afternoon, which is the early morning here.

Thanks for featuring KSJC though. Hope this event goes well :D


Sign me up! C63

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Alright, C63 is yours! Thanks for participating!

Sign me up! Any gate please, also I will give live updates and let you know if I can’t make it

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I have assigned gate C65 for you.

Sounds like fun, I’m in! Any gate is fine. There is a chance I won’t be able to make it, waiting to hear about something going on, but I’ll let you know.

In that case I’ll put you on hold, let me know as soon as possible! Thanks!

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Same… I saw the arrival airport and thought that would be a great flight, but the arrival time is too early and I do not want to wake up that early for a simulator ( Do not get me wrong, I love Infjnite Flight though )

I love how SJC is featured in this event and as a KSJC lover, I would want to come.

But I didn’t. Says a lot 😂

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Well, you’re exactly like me when the zulu time is afternoon.

What time zone are you in ? I am in the Pacific Time Zone, so the flight arrives at 6:00 AM for me… A little too early for a Saturday : )

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I’m in GMT +8, the flight approximately arrives at 10pm.

Please do not take what I said in any wring way… I was simply agreeing with @BigBert10 seeing as we are in the same time zone, that 6:00 was too early for me. And I just asked what time zone you are in and said which one I am in…

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Book me a gate

Ill surely be there