[Closed] Skyliner Air | Skyliner With Paradisair! @ TNCM - 241900ZMAR16

Server: Advanced

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 1900Z

Hello pilots,

Today’s Skyliner event is in collaboration with Paradisair! We currently own Paradisair under the Skyliner Group.

We will fly one of Paradisair routes, TNCM - TFFR.

Aircraft - 739, A321, 752, 763, 77W and 744

Livery - Generic

Cruise altitude - 12,000FT

Cruise speed - 350KTS


If you want to join Skyliner, click here - http://skylinerair.weebly.com/

If you want to join Paradisair, contact @hmkane.

Thank you!

NOTE - Only use Skyliner and Paradisair callsigns if you are a member of one of the VAs.


Can I come? Because I am not part of any of those virtual airlines

You could come, but no VA callsigns please.

Thanks! Count me in then :)

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@hmkane This is for you. :)

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I may show up a bit late just for the event but I’m not in one of them airlines. Can I come in my VAs callsign.

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Yeah sure.

Yay!!! Thank You @B767fan! This is probably one of our last times being part of Skyliner Group before we drop out to persue our regional career

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BTW: Paradisair’s callsign is PDA

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One hour until the event.

Are we allowed to come in any livery if we are not part of this group?

No. Only use the generic livery please.

Ok but in future please make events where can fly other liveries!

30mins I think until event

23 Mins now for me!

I have to admit I am bit disapointed about that!

That’s my policy. Sorry.

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flying to KNUC on advanced right now but if I dont get called for a patient I will be there - SKY020: A321

I’m coming

I wll stay gate c10