[Closed] Skyliner Air | Gettin' High! @ KDEN - 231900ZAPR16

Server: Advanced

Region: Denver, CO

Airport: KDEN

Time: 1900Z


Hello pilots!

Today we will fly Denver to Aspen as a group. ATC is needed, so please PM me.

This event will be hosted by a member of our staff, @Robertdiaz123.

Aircraft - 739, A321, 752, 763, 77W and 744

Livery - Generic

Cruise altitude - 35,000FT

Cruise speed - 350KTS


If you want to join, press here - http://skylinerair.weebly.com/

NOTE - Only use SKY in your callsign if you are in our Slack.


Wont make it, no Denver


Can’t be there.

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Am likely to attend this one

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Awesome to hear!

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If any AT wants to come, please PM me or @B767fan

Anyone else coming?

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I might join for ten minutes, but then I gotta hop over to my event.


I’m not gonna be able to make it. It’s all on you Rob!

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Haha ok, It’s all on my phone then, that’s my bottleneck.

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Mother Voice Make sure you have full battery Son! Mother Voice

I always fly with my phone plugged in

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I’ll load in probably 10 minutes before

I’m heading over now

We’ll be taking off runways 17L and 17R

Anyone, feel free to take photos

Need to go to my event now, you guys hadn’t even taken off yet. Fly safe!

Thanks and same to you

My speed bellow 10,000 is 240, 350 after until FL220. VS is 2700

The wind is nuts at Denver, 32 knot gusts