[Closed] Skyliner Air | Flight Down South @ EGSS - 211700ZMAR16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: London

Airport: EGSS

Time: 1700Z

Today is the day of the first Skyliner Air event. We will fly one of Skyliner Air’s routes, EGSS - EGHH. It would be nice if we could get some ATC. The aircraft will be any of Skyliners fleet, Beoing 737-900, Airbus A321, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 747-400, all in the generic livery.

Flight plan :

We will all spawn at the A gates at EGSS, I’ll take a group photo for the website then.

The cruise altitude will be 12,000FT and cruise speed will be 325KTS.

REMEMBER - Take lots of screenshots!

Skyliner Air will be producing events all the time! If you enjoyed the event and want to join, click here - http://skylinerair.weebly.com/

NOTE - Only use SKY callsign if you are in our Slack.


Of course I’ll be there, Operating as SKY010


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@JFKPlaneSpotter101 @Hamza787Aj @Sturmovik @Thomson @Pilot8

@Captain_DJ and @Captain_Skywalker, what aircraft will you be taking?

Also, please can we get some Advanced Controllers to take EGSS and EGHH?

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I will fly SKY003 757-200

I’m sorry but that is not your assigned callsign. SKY003 is already a member, please PM me about this.

@Aviation @Martijn_Decates @EdT @Riley_Dunshea @Massimo_Murgida @JQW @UnitedVirtual @emir_sergio @Jan_Polet @Tecnam2TA
G day anybody,
I wll come SKY534, B77W take it.
Do u can cominy guys?


Please don’t use the SKY callsign unless you are a member of the VA.

which VA iam? where can i see that

Did you send off a form?

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yes ive maked no VA on form

If you want a set SKY callsign, please join our VA.

If I’m available I will control for you

Is this VA team??

May can coming @callsign example kty534?

Thank goodness! Could you contact the IFATC team about this?

Yeah, that looks good.

Yeah, but you have to fill out an application.