[Closed] Skyliner Air | A Totally Beachin' Event @ PHNL - 240300ZMAR16

That suck. BTW - It’s actually 3:00AM for me. Oh, the things you do for a nice event…

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10am my time. Will try and make it

Nice! Hope to see you then!

wont be there, dont have Hawaii

That sucks.

Bumping this.

Is it at 3:00 am ZT?

That is correct.

Oh…for me is 4 in the morning…i usually sleep at this time…have fun!thank you

Yeah whilst @B767fan and my commitment to his events is very strong, this might be a little too much for me :-P

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Sorry, cant. I have school tomorrow. :/

Will you be… SLEEPING???

I understand. I’ll be getting up at 3:00AM for this. :P

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No, in school.

I like these types of events where it is early for me. I have more chances of attending.

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Oh, I thought you were sleeping because you have school.

Anyway, I’m sure my event will be great anyway.

Too bad I’ll be dead asleep 5am for me :(

That sucks.

We should do a poll for the right time :) for everyone

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All these events is too much
You need to relax maybe once a week or something because it’s knocking out all other events people want to make like my SNR (Suday night Returns) Because they are all at yours

I can make as many events as I want. It brings people into my VA.

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I like that there are so many events, it shows that they are active as a VA and it also gives you a chance to interact with others and learn from them.

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