[Closed] Skyliner Air | A Totally Beachin' Event @ PHNL - 240300ZMAR16

Server: Advanced

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 0300Z



Today we will fly from PHNL to PHNL, it’ll be “Totally Beachin”!

We will take-off from PHNL then T&G at PHTO then fly back to PHNL.

The event will be hosted by @B767fan and/or @Hamza787Aj (As I might struggle to get up).

Would be nice if we got ATC (@Dush19 @JeebakR).

Aircraft - 739, A321, 752, 763, 77W or 744

Cruise Altitude - FL220

Cruise Speed - 360KTS



If you want to join the VA, please press here - http://goo.gl/forms/kWJdg4cEwd

Thanks all!

NOTE - Only use SKY callsign if you are a member of the VA.


Might make it, probably should but it’s at 10:00PM local time. Can I come in a Paradisair aircraft/callsign though?

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@hmkane As long as you come, that should be great.

What time is this in HKG?

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11:00AM. Will you be able to come?

Sadly no. I’m currently at HKG airport and my flight to Vancouver leaves at 1:00 am. Sorry

Yea I wont make this flight

The flight got Wi-Fi? (LOL)

That sucks.

I wish but it if CX did it would be very expensive

That sucks. But you’re pretty lucky to be flying on a Cathay Pacific aircraft!

yea I guess i am

Anyone else coming?

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I am coming maybe

OK, thanks for the reply.

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8:30a.m. Local time

@Yardan_Sheikh Nice! Hope to see you!

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@JetBlue_flyer @Pilot8 @Phoenix1 @Aircraft19 @Captain_Damian @emir_sergio @Hamza787Aj @HV9690 @Talkingribzz @gamingpilot

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@elisua @Massimo_Murgida @Thomson @JFKPlaneSpotter101 @Philip

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