[ CLOSED ] Skyline7707 - KJFK ATC Services Open!

Yo fellow Members!
This is N1212G, I like to spend my time controlling and acting as ATC during free time on Training Server.
Everyone is Welcome to the airports I control!


Status: C L O S E D

Airport: KJFK
Frequency: Tower & Ground

Pattern Work: Allowed

• Request Take Off when first in line.
• Don’t Send duplicate messages of frequency change.

Hope you guys enjoy my ATC services. Also, All the suggestions and comments are Most Welcomed below :)

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I see @ThomasR and @Boodz_G controlling too!

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KJFK (John F Kennedy) is still Active
Make sure you join!
Training Server! Make sure to look at the NOTAMS before joining :)

I’ll be there shortly Airbus 243

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Saw you. Hope you like the ATC!

Hey skyline, how would you like your feedback here or pm ? ;)

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As you wish, Seb:)
Suggestions would also be appreciated!

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