[CLOSED] Skyhawks @17CL - 032000ZJUN18


Server: Casual

Region: San Francisco

Airport: 17CL

Time: 2000Z


Welcome to Skyhawks at Las Trancas!
This is a fly-in event. Fly in from where you want, but be at 17CL around 2000Z

  • Las Trancas(17CL) offers a
    864 feet gravel runway

Do touch and goes, landings, low passes, take offs, have fun!

Aerobatics, stalls etc should be done west of the field over the water at safe distance from traffic in the pattern.

Aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Post your best screenshots of the event

Hope to see you there!


Some route suggestions:

VFR Palo Alto (KPAO) - 17CL
Over the parks and mountains
Flight time approx. 15 mins

VFR Monterey Peninsula (KMRY) - 17CL
North along the coastline.
Flight time approx. 20 mins

VFR Half Moon Bay (KHAF) - 17CL
South along the coastline.
Flight time approx. 15 mins.

2,5 hours to event start.
Hope to see some of you there!
It’s a challenging airfield

I love 17CL. The 864’ is a great challenge and if you botch it the drop of at the end will save you from a crash. I might head over in my GAF F-22 ;)

Yeah, it’s fun!
Head over in a Skyhawk and show your skills ;)

Yeah. F-22 for a different day. Haven’t flown the Skyhawks in awhile

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I’ve been flying the F-22 exclusively for the last few day. This C172 feel soooooo slow lol

Lol, yeah it’s something completely different. But great plane to train basic flying skills

I bounced it. Don’t tell anyone. Lol.

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Lol, me too. Many times.

Perfect landing! @Greg78

Thanks you missed the rough ones. Lol. I messaged you on slack too

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Did you see me spotting?

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Yeah saw you sitting there, you should have joined us

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We should do something like this with the CRJ (any livery).


Yeah, just not at 17CL lol.
I’m sure you will find CRJ events around here.

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But it has to be casual server.

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Maybe I’ll pull together one when I have time

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Ok, sounds like a good idea.


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